Young Justice S02E07 Quick Review

New Teen Titans
Cyborg and Robin tape their territory.

Anyone disliking Saturday morning cartoons are missing out of this season of YJ, especially this episode of Invasion, “Depths.” “Depths” is better than last week’s meeting of the Flashes, and Impulse’s currently living with the Garricks. YJ features some of the best superhero relationships in an animated show. The writers on the show go out of their way to show how tactical the non-powered Nightwing is.

There’s no better example of it so far than he, Wally, Artemis, and Aqualad…

Yes, Aqualad, who’s a double agent for our heroes while not getting in too deep with his father, the Black Manta…

Anyways, the foursome are working together to find out who’s working for the Light. They’re going so far as to stage Artemis’ death. Whoa!

Aqualad meets Artemis

On that bombshell, here are two quotes I found hilarious:

Connor and M'Gann

“I hate monkey suits” – Connor Kent to M’Gann while flying away from a press conference disguised as Superman & Jonn Jonnzz to reassure the media that the Justice League is still handling things on Earth.


“There’s no static in a psychic link!” – Nightwing to La’Gaan after La’Gaan goes against Nightwing’s orders. La’Gaan had ignored Nightwing’s orders making fake static orders as a personal “Screw You” to Grayson.

If anyone’s too frightened by the maturity of Young Justice then they can always stick around at the start of the second ad break. Maybe the New Teen Titans will continue their hijinx.

Cyborg & Robin

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