Young Justice S02E05 Quick Review

Wonder Girl, Batgirl, & Supergirl, SBFFs
The Super Best Friends Forever!

The 5th episode of Invasion, “Beneath,” is an entertaining half-hour piece of a DC Universe puzzle.

The ladies of team Alpha, including the overeager Wonder Girl, worked together nicely in their search for the bomb that killed the Kroloteans. At Bialya, Alpha encounters Psimon along with Mammoth, Shimmer, Devastation, and others who are working for Queen Bee. They’re moving “cargo” (kidnapped runaways), not bombs. I liked the action sequence with Alpha moving out the cargo near the end. Wonder Girl lands a redemption punch to Devastation. The fight from both sides was a classic superhero clash.

INTRIGUE! Queen Bee is working with a partner who was to receive the runaways. Is that unknown partner is man standing in the shadows last week? That would be highly likely, in my opinion.

Team Alpha
Meanwhile, Blue Beetle investigates the kidnapping of his friend, Ty. Maurice, Ty’s not-stepfather, may be involved. More Jaime-talks-to-the-suit wackiness enuses. Jaime discovers Maurice’s shed of bootlegged DVDs and games. Two subplots dovetail in the end: Ty is part of second cargo. Jaime continues stumbling in his quest for answers.

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