Young Justice S02E04 Quick Review

Arrowed Guy
Not enough arrowing this week.

Angst! Angst! Angst! Roy, the Red Arrow, deals with the possibility never finding the original Speedy. Blue Beetle gets more annoying until he finally explains to Connor the invisible chatting buddy that is the scarab AND communicates with the Applexian that wants some healing from a nuclear power plant. Bringing the Appelaxian back was Ugly and Whisper’s plan to reanimate the Justice League’s first alien trophies. Sadly, before the pained creature can gulp some creamy nuke goodness, Sportsmaster kills it.

Who is that mystery figure in shadow with Sportsmaster? My wild, blind guess is Deathstroke. Oh, and the Watchtower finally has that Zeta Shield up around the Earth.

Young Justice
An inert intervention.

This episode, “Salvage,” continues the well-paced animated realization of the DC Universe. Too bad the group of Green Arrow, Nightwing, the former Kid Flash, Black Canary and the former Guardian couldn’t get through to Roy. Add a child he didn’t know he had to the list of Roy’s troubles. Please find Speedy and give Clone Roy and Cheshire a better home, YJ powers-that-be. That situation’s a little creepy.

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