Young Justice: Intervention & Green Lantern: Scarred - What Worked & Didn't Work

Rocket and Zatanna from Young Justice: Invasion: Intervention

Read my quick review to what was fun and not-so-fun in the DC Nation.

What Worked

amethyst-gemworld-ending-dc-nationI liked how the Blue Beetle history comes together. Here’s a more compelling in-story legacy than Batman’s: Dan Garrett to Ted Kord to Jaime Reyes and one freaky scarab.

It’s almost pitiful how the Reach Ambassador desperately craves attention and adulation. What makes Young Justice work is the villains have their own temperament.

Amethyst of Gemworld’s conclusion(?) is a sweet mashup of She-Ra and JRPGs. Embarrassment through de-pantsing is enough to get rid of the bad guy.

What Didn’t Work

Mopey lovers week: both Razer and La’Gaan should just man up. An android and a fish-girl can’t be the only available ladies out there.

M’Gann & La’Gaan: twas never to be.

Where is Jaime ever going to find confidence? He still can’t muster the gratitude to accept that he’s truly a hero. He CAN muster the fortitude to ignore Impulse to hug Zatanna. :)

This week’s Green Lantern is padding toward the finale. There was a big clash between the Lanterns and Aya, but only the ship’s talking cube dies. Hal and Kilowog care about Aya too much. Confusing the finale for Clone Wars with the DC Nation finales this week didn’t help.

Do you want the villainous Toyman terrorizing Metropolis again?


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