Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Character Death Odds

A walker ponders who’ll die in the season 3 finale. Photo by Gene Page for AMCtv.com

My speculation does NOT factor in spoilers/plot developments of the comic, of which I don’t read. These aren’t vetted by people in Vegas, so no serious wagers, please.

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Milton Mamet 3:2

I read somewhere that the actor has signed on for another show. I’m hedging on 1:1 odds, so 3:2 will do.

Two of the Governor’s Other Lackeys

I’ll pick Caesar Martinez and Shupert out of a hat. There’s going to be two from Woodbury dead to show that the Ricktatorship means business.

Hershel or Beth

Either member of the Greene family will perish to provide a “shocking” loss to Rick’s camp.

Carol 25:1

If the powers-that-be want to have Daryl over the edge, then they’ll off Carol, too. I don’t think that’s likely in the season finale.

That’s pretty much my picks for the likeliest character deaths. You can view the old, musty death odds list below.

Death Odds From First Half of Season Three

How safe will the prison be? Photo by Gene Page for amctv.com.

Herschel Greene 9:1

I’m guessing that the old man will be the first death of the season to establish that it’s the “prison season.”

Carol 5:1

Just as we warm up to her and Daryl…boom! I think she’ll die early in the season.

Merle 5:1

He’s just fodder for the inevitable mega-fight with Daryl.

T-Dog 6:1

I don’t know if there’s enough room for TWO head-bashing Black people on the show. Tsk, tsk.

Decent new recurring character who’ll die too soon while some of the idiotic women listed below live 6:1

I said “some.”

Maggie 15:1

I was torn between her and Andrea, but Andrea will get major plot protection from Michonne’s buddy.

Andrea 50:1

She’ll probably the “shocking swerve death” late in the season (i.e. next year) at most.

Glenn 200:1

He’s the scrappy underdog of the group. Glenn won’t likely be a goner unless the powers-that-be find a “replacement.”

He’s more than proven his worth in the penultimate Fall episode. He could potentially be the bravest walker fighter on the show.

Lori 100:1

Worst character in the show, IMO, with her incredible idiocy. The most plausible member of the Grimes family to go this year, but that’s unlikely, to give Rick an emotional reason to continue living.

DEAD! I forgot about the pregnancy complication.

Carl 1000:1

Won’t miss him, either.

Way too firey to get rid of this season.

Daryl 300:1

I agree with many that he’s awesome, but I don’t he’s completely safe from zombification, either.

Michonne 350:1

One-season wonder? Nah.

Rick 700:1

If he dies, then who would lead the group? Worst possible swerve death even if I’m not a fan of his.

UPDATE: Showing signs of mental instability. That’s enough for me to lower his odds a bit from 1000:1.

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