Ultimate Spider-Man Quick Review

[This post was made after watching S01E02 – Great Responsibility; thoughts on S01E01 later???]

I had expectations that Ultimate would be decent even after being disappointed that the Powers That Be discontinued the great Spectacular Spider-Man. While Spectacular can never be the greatest superhero adaptation due to unfinished stories, Ultimate is threatening to be one of the worst.

Ultimate tries a different approach: condescending writing and throwing as many cartoon tropes as possible. Cutaways, Spider-Man doing asides, and even little Spider-Man chibis. This is a done by people who think everyone watching will have a speck of an attention span.

In the second episode, Spidey joins S.H.I.E.L.D. and fights the Frightful Four again. There are also some set ups for future stories with Norman Osborne, Otto Octavius, & maybe J.J. Jameson. However, I was so overwhelmed by the show attempting to be hyperactive that I don’t hold much hope for later episodes. There was also not enough J.K. Simmons as Jameson. That and the superhero roster consisting of Iron Fist, Power Man, White Tiger, and Nova can be excused.

With Paul Dini & Brian Michael Bendis on board, you won’t be mistaken if Ultimate tries to be Marvel’s answer to The Brave and the Bold. I can’t recommend this show as it lacks Bold‘s charm and good writing. Disney’s new Spidey cartoon is unsurprisingly some steps down from Spectacular, but it manages to fall underground while Spectacular is near the top floor of the Empire State Building.



Author: Clarence

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