Tron: Uprising: The Renegade, Part 1 (S01E02) Review

Fighting to Survive!

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I had some concerns about Tron: Uprising after watching the first episode. The second episode, “The Renegade: Part One,” eased my worries. T:U is now more than whether Beck, the Renegade, will prevail over the oppressors of the Grid. It’s a matter of whether Beck or any of his friends or allies will survive. I care about the protagonist programs’ struggle.

First, we see Beck’s out of the city and into the mountains to train with Tron via light cycles. The training segment ends with…a literal cliffhanger. Afterwards, Beck has angst about being the Grid’s savior. While it’s not the most important scene in the series, the animators did not phone in their efforts by continuing to use dynamic camerawork.

Beck trains

As Beck returns from training, he’s found violating curfew and accidentally has himself shipped with some other prisoners. The first person to speak is Agent Broyles, Matthew Abaddon, Cutler (Lance Reddick), who will be at his side throughout the episode. There’s also nervous Rilo, but his lack of attention leads him to become the De-Rez of the Week because…

CombatBeck and the other prisoners must engage in hand-to-hand combat with guards in the Coliseum. As we, the viewers, are liking Cutler’s bravery, Rilo must be expendable to show the guards can fight. The prisoners win, but they don’t gain freedom. Beck and Cutler decide to escape. They’re caught by Paige and are tied at the wrists.

Cutler in actionThat leads them back to the Coliseum so they battle with three guards on bikes. After some cool teamwork to get themselves free, the two allies overcome the bad guys and gain the adoration of the crowd. Tessler notices then ups the ante by having Beck and Cutler fight each other.

SUBPLOT: Zed, feeling slighted that Mara’s not into him, meets interesting new girl Perl at the club. They get to know each other at Mara’s expense. Zed and Perl go back to the shop where Perl betrays Zed and steals the Able’s Encom 786 bike. That Jezebel!

Love triangle

Tron: Uprising is starting to get good and I welcomed Lance Reddick being part of the cast for now. See the review and pics of “The Renegade, Part 2” (S01E03).

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