Tron: Uprising S01E01 Review

Looking for a review of “The Renegade” (S1E02) which aired in the U.S. on 7 June?

Tron: Uprising

Disney’s making another go at their sci-fi adventure franchise. While I’m not a hater, I’d never get moved by the movies to wear a silly skin-tight suit. Does Tron: Uprising make me more interested in the franchise?

Boxleitner steps up once again as Tron

Here’s what I noticed: brave Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood) has nobility but needs more than ideals. In the tradition of Zorro, Beck is secretly the Renegade who takes up Tron’s (voiced by Bruce Boxleitner) mantle to rebel against Clu. It’s nice to have the mentorship of the original Tron. If Beck had some common sense to go along with the heroic intentions then he’d need allies. Viewers only Beck fight red-trimmed baddies solo in this pilot.

Also in this pilot, I don’t understand the full consequences of Clu’s taking over the Grid. In the movies, we have sequences that take place in the real world. There are only Grid scenes in Uprising because the Grid looks cooler. To me, part of the appeal of Tron is that skilled computer programmers are making an impact in the world without direct weaponry. What happens for the subjugated Grid population? Are they overclocking? Whatever, there are kids to entertain.

Tron: Uprising

Anyways, I liked the star-powered voice acting. Elijah Wood does fine voicing the upstart outlaw fighting to make a difference. The cast does what’s necessary for the characters: Mandy Moore’s Mara is naive and in awe of the Renegade, Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Paige is a sultry counterpart to the Renegade, Lance Henriksen plays a gruff Tesler, and Reginald VelJohnson is the slightly weary quasi-mentor. Another plot point: why does Tesler, instead of offing a minion, not de-rez Beck when his back was turned? I understand lots of shows adopt animesque character designs, but why the long, lanky legs? I thought of Aeon Flux as I watched the programs move through a dark environment.

Tron: Uprising is shaping up to be a simple tale of rebellion. I just want the heroes and villains to be three-dimensional. Shouldn’t anyone want to see the characters as people, not forgettable pixels & electrical signals?

Tron and Beck

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