A Tribute To Marcia Wallace


Actress Marcia Wallace passed away at age 70. She entertained many for decades, whether as the receptionist from The Bob Newhart Show, her many game show appearances, or even as the maid from That’s My Bush.

She was also a breast cancer survivor, gone through the sadness of losing her husband, and wrote all about her struggles and triumphs in Don’t Look Back, We’re Not Going That Way!

Watch Marcia on Match Game ’75:

Chicago Tribune reports the death of Marcia Wallace.

Her most enduring role was as the voice of teacher Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons. As Mrs. Krabappel is officially retired, Springfield, U.S.A. loses some of its liveliness. A few seasons ago, Krabappel and Ned Flanders tied the knot, another quirky Springfield love connection. Wallace won an Emmy for the episode “Bart the Lover,” where she balanced a seen-it-all attitude to schooling and romance with vulnerability. Student Bart Simpson takes advantage of Krabappel’s desperation finding a lover.

This tribute video above features excerpts from “Bart the Lover” in addition to clips from “Ned ‘n Edna’s Blend,” a recent episode where the now-Mrs. Flanders looks for ways to raise Rod & Todd away from their devout, but sheltered, lives. With the usual lampooning of Ned’s faith, I hesitate to say that Edna is “right” and Ned is “wrong,” but it’s another episode highlighting Ned’s contributing to his community while being the overbearing dad.

This video doesn’t cover everything Edna said in those two episodes, but Wallace could still deliver when needed.

She was sweet, funny, not at all pretentious. She was a breast cancer survivor for over 20 years and she was always chipper and just a wonderful person to be around.

The Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean

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