The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: "Behold the Vision" Review

The Vision

This episode (S02, E14) is Skrull-free!

“Behold the Vision” as he serves Ultron by delivering him adamantium and vibranium. Vision succeeds easily getting the Adamantium, but he took almost the half-hour to almost capture the vibranium ores of Wakanda and Captain America’s shield. Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Panther put up a futile straight-up fight against the Vision.


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This is a inoffensive Marvel version of the Terminator with the android Vision being the nigh-unstoppable menace. The Vision slowed down only while having his arm zapped with Vibranium ions inside the sonic beam holding Captain America’s shield. The heroes fought back and exposed some of Vision’s android skeleton. Vision escapes, but in the end, Ultron is disappointed but is still content with having the adamantium.

In a PG version of The Terminator, nobody dies. For example, Jane Foster’s survives having the Avengers Mansion crumble on top of her and the Wasp. Some of the Vision’s violent maneuvers look awkward. Hawkeye gets really annoying. Oh wait, we don’t usually put up with arrogant archers in our cyborg fights.

Iron Man is absent, but here’s a time when he, Vision, Cap, & Hawkeye could get along:


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