Spider-Man vs. Lizard Cartoon Battle 1981

It’s 1981 and Spidey survived the Electric Company and Disco. The wall-crawler is now drawn closer to the standards of John Romita, Sr. This 26-episode series tries to be more ambitious than the previous 60s Spidey series. Spidey encounters the Lizard again, but this time the reptile isn’t settling for scaring Floridians.

“Lizards, Lizards Everywhere”  – 1981

Catch a lizard by the tailSpider-Man fights two dreadful enemies: the Lizard and an allergy. The Lizard lives in the New York City sewers and attempts to turn the Big Apple into his personal swampland for him and his reptilian friends. After containing reptiles and other animals at the zoo, Spider-Man finds the Lizard pulling hijinx in the subway. Spidey is left behind and subway train crashes onto a wall sealing off the tunnel.

RHM covers the struggle between the Amazing Arachnid and the Lizard.


Spidey digs his way to the Lizard’s lair where the Lizard reveals he’s using telepathy to control reptiles and has device broadcasting his signal citywide. Spidey escapes from a major reptile attack. He makes a stop at the doctor’s office but can’t reveal he’s Peter Parker. Hilarity ensues.

Finally, Spidey goes to the radio antenna producing the Lizard’s telepathic signal and jams it. Scaly, scary Dr. Connors is thwarted again. This version of Spider-Man, in being less casual in its treatment of the mythos, is ambitious but a little strange.

’67 Spidey Says:

It’s me again.

I had a wild time in the early 80s. Too many parties, so little time! Stay tuned, my little webheads, for more queasy excitement as we go through time to re-visit the many fights the green guy and I had.

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