Recreate This Season of Walking Dead With McFarlane Toys' New Figures!


You’re watching The Walking Dead and are looking forward to the season finale this Sunday. You also would want a viable recreation of the events of the third season. McFarlane Toys premieres a new line of action figures based on the AMC’s mega-hit zombies-and-angst show.

These toy versions of Merle, Michonne, Michonne’s Pets, & Autopsy Zombie need a good home. Michonne’s figure has 24 points of articulation with removable poncho and, of course, her trust katana and sheath. The season 3 Merle figure has 20 points of articulation and his bayonet arm, netch. He also has his assault rifle, pistol, and knife.


The infamous “Pets” who accompanied Michonne are part of the new line. Like the show, they lack a bottom jaw and arms. Both have removable backpacks and neck chain leashes. Pet 1 also has a removable shotgun in his backpack. For those asking “What if they were normal Walkers,” then each Pet has arms and bottom jaw included.

There’s also the Autopsy Zombie that Rick and Daryl encountered. It includes knife and a shirt that you can remove to reveal a digested hand and/or dead woodchuck. Mmmm, mmmm.

stylized_wdtv3_ZOMBIE_PET1_005-web stylized_AUTOPSYZOMBIE_05-web

Now say, “Each sold separately,” in your best Saturday morning commercial announcer voice because… each Pet is sold separately.

Get these McFarlane Toys action figures ($14.99 MSRP) at your favorite popular store (, Barnes & Noble,, FYE, GameStop, Hastings Entertainment, Toys ‘R’ Us, Toys ‘R’ Us Canada) or your local comic book shop.


Michonne_packaging Merle_Dixon_packaging Michonnes_Pet_Zombie_1_packaging Michonnes_Pet_Zombie2_packaging Autopsy_Zombie_packaging

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