Naomi Did Nothing Horribly Wrong in the 2020 Royal Rumble

Naomi in the 2020 Royal Rumble

In the 2020 women’s Royal Rumble match, WWE Superstar Naomi made her return. She’s one of the WWE’s best in pure athletic ability and, what I’ve seen from matches and Total Divas, one of the nicest people in a wrestling business that requires people to have a mile-deep mean streak.

Naomi, in making a Royal Rumble moment, avoids being eliminated from the match by landing on the barricade wall. Moving from the top of the barricade to the announce tables, she takes her time making her move back into the ring. Pacing along the three tables, she ultimately decides to cross to the ring steps via the table top.

Watching this live, I thought it was awkward to see her taking so much time picking her best option to re-enter the Rumble, but I didn’t think about it after the match. Charlotte Flair taking a breather out of the ring for several minutes and later winning the Rumble was more egregious. The over-the-top-rule-with-both-feet-on-the-floor rule leads to lame scenarios.

I listened to Bryan Alvarez, Vinny Verhei, and their buddy Mark critique the entire event. Apparently, Mark is annual gimmick where he, the friend who seems to hate everything, craps all over the Royal Rumble. Someone took a clip of the three commenting on Naomi’s actions. Mark’s very harsh with Naomi’s indecision. Cue Twitter outrage:

Guess what?

  • Bryan, Vinny, and Mark have a point about Naomi’s big moment. Her moving along the tables wasn’t fun to watch. I sometimes wish there was a 10-count enforced for everybody exiting the ring during the Rumble.
  • Having a point doesn’t make Mark any less of an a-hole. Bryan or Vinny aren’t hating on her. Questioning the in-match actions of a performer ain’t hating.
  • While Mark is unpleasant, and his outbursts were out of line, if that was anyone else doing what Naomi did, man or woman, black or white, none of the comments would change. Those are the comments of a jerk, not a racist jerk.
  • The WWE main roster’s womens division is running thin IMO and I hope Naomi wins another championship. She’s too awesome to waste.

You can all return to the weekly dunking contest on anyone associated with Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer, or Bryan Alvarez.

Author: Clarence

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