The Legend of Korra S01E10 Quick Review

Here I go briefly discussing Book One, Chapter Ten: “Turning the Tides.” Sadly, Book One of the Avatar’s journey concludes next week.

For Father’s Day, let us remember the actions of Tenzin.

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Tenzin shows nobility and grace while airbending to protect innocents and performing mundane duties. He stands tall being a leader to family and non-family members. He is a source of wisdom through patience. Even though many of us are like Korra, impulsive to act and longing to hook up with the star athlete, Tenzin remains respectable.

Pema, Tenzin, and Rohan

Oh, and welcome to Republic City, little Rohan! Get Tenzin a cigar…oh, wait, wrong guy.

We got some exciting moments of action from Lin, battling Equalist airships while being literally leaps and bounds above mere mortals, the trusty polar bear-dog scoring a home run via swatting an Equalist, and even Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, the boy who’s a master of the sacred art of Fart-Fu.

Lin vs Airships
Lin lets ’em rip!

Next week, we hope that nasty Amon gets what’s coming to him! He’s blanketing Republic City in his attack, but the United Forces will help Korra and the gang. Also, we’ll finally get a resolution to the Mako/Asami/Korra love triangle. You’re ready for one whole hour of East-meets-West action, are you?

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