Legend of Korra S01E09 Quick Review

Bolin, Mako, Asami, & Lin

More screenshots found below. Are you relieved that the end of Book One is near in 2 weeks?

Things I learned about “Out of the Past”

  • This episode moved along well despite Korra being boxed in most of the time.
  • Blood benders are just nasty people. Tarrlok could settle being a man of justice and being a better man than his father Yakone. But, no! His jealousy of Avatar Korra reveals his desire for power. The “like father, like son” principle is on display again. Tsk, tsk.
  • Tenzin’s “lawful good” way of dealing with problems isn’t going to cut it in Liberty City. Will that make him as good as dead?
  • On the other hand, there’s no super-battle between Korra and Amon. Korra bends some snow & ice towards Amon then flees into the snowy forest after escaping. Snowy environments must mean a certain polar beat-dog finds her and takes her back to Republic City.
  • Aang! This is my first extended exposure of the character. Aang and Korra finally make that extra-special Avatar-to-Avatar connection. Is Aang’s returning as a ghost proper Eastern mysticism?
  • To further show my ignorance of Last Airbender lore, I didn’t know Toph was blind until I looked up her profile on the Avatar Wikia site.
  • Yakone’s first lines reminded me of Clint Eastwood.
  • Mako has feelings for both Asami and Korra. I’d hate for Asami to remain envious of Mako & Korra’s friendship. Make Mako choose, Asami!
  • Amon is a terrific at no-selling blood bending.
  • As Tarrlok isn’t the ultimate bad guy of the series, he loses his bending ability at the hands of Amon.
  • Where’s Pabu? If he’s with Tenzin’s kids, I’d hate to be him.

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Selected screenshots:

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