Legend of Korra S01E07 Quick Review

Bolin and Pabu

The following is a review of Book One: Chapter 7 titled “Aftermath.” Some spoilers follow.

Ooh, what an Aftermath this episode is. Tahno is dejected after losing his bending ability. That was karmic after gleefully cheating to win last week. At first the Fire Ferrets enjoy the lap of luxury living at Sato’s mansion. Viewers are even introduced to auto racing, which isn’t different from our auto racing or even chariot racing. Later, Korra discovers that Mr. Sato is working with the Equalists.

Of course, we have to witness the cliched period of misunderstanding when Korra tells her teammates, Chief Beifong, and Tenzin. The writers didn’t forget to jeopardize Korra and Mako’s relationship, too. Here’s the upshot: Sato really is working with Amon to produce platinum, a metal so pure that metal benders cannot move it, mechs to stop benders. Surprised?

After finding the secret factory and confronting Hiroshi & his mechs, our heroes leave for the airbending temple. Beifong considers resigning in order to go after Amon. This may the start of Korra focusing on getting her airbending skills polished so she can heal Republic City’s wounds. Is that traitor Hiroshi alright? Who else has joined forces with Amon? Will the polar bear dog be jealous of speedy cars?

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Author: Clarence

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