Koko B. Ware: Not Present But Not Forgotten

Update: Koko wasn’t there after all.

The first wrestler to enter the ring on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Koko B. Ware, won’t be on the Raw 25th anniversary show. Maybe he was bluffing on Cerrito Live and may make a surprise appearance, but I suspect it won’t happen.

Koko B. Ware pumps up the crowd at the first Monday Night Raw in 1993.

Kevin Cerrito’s interview with the bird lover, WWE Hall of Famer, and Piledriver cover artist starts about 34 minutes on the 21 January Cerrito Live podcast. Here’s a quick and rough transcription of some of his comments:

…For some reason didn’t get an invite. They don’t want the best to be there. But my spirit will be there, anyway. I’m okay with that.

I was delighted to be in the ring with [Yokozuna]. What a great guy. He took it easy on the Birdman. If he didn’t like it was like pulling teeth.

It was kind of amazing back then when [WWE, then WWF] was going to Raw and going to the auditorium (Manhattan Center) and I saw that they’re doing some sort of acting show in the auditorium with people in the bleachers and the lower section and it was an old movie theater back in the day.

…It was jammed with wrestling fans all over. I’m talking about it was standing room only and I was so excited for being there because it was something new to kick Raw off and no one knew how it was going to take off and it was just tremendous.

What a great time, what a great atmosphere to be on WWE Raw…

He said that we has heartbroken that he didn’t even get an invite. He says that he “didn’t want to wrassle, just get on there and [be where Raw] all started.” His most recent interaction was his 2009 induction to the Hall of Fame.

He admitted he was in a lawsuit that may dissuade WWE from inviting him, but he only joined in it to ensure health insurance for all wrestlers. Regardless, he says he still loves WWE.

Koko was far from the greatest grappler, but his colorful attire and his faithful companion, Frankie, make him memorable. Oh well, the Birdman may not be in New York, but the Birdman (if nothing else, his soulful theme) won’t leave us.

Author: Clarence

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