King of the Nerds Review: High IQ's (S01E05)



Last Week on King of the Nerds: Alana complains. Alana complains some more. Alana whinges her way out of the competition.

Who’s eliminated this week?

You should know by now that Blue is Blextrophy (Blue and Extrophy) and Orange is the Servants of the Forsaken Orb. They’re used interchangeably in these reviews. I’ve taken the show on good faith that it’s not rigged/scripted/whatever. If that concerns you then unwind watching old WCW matches. :D

Also, the headers will be more revealing. Is that fine with you?

In Nerdvana, Blextrophy is relieved Alana’s gone. Celeste and Genevieve appear to form an alliance. Genevieve considers ridding Ivan of the competition. The Servants have a moment of respite. Joshua and Ivan chat a bit.

Nerd War: Blextrophy Wins

This week’s challenge: a hybrid of Rubik’s Cube & Sudoku

Joshua sits out this Nerd War voluntarily. He doesn’t to stick out negatively.


king-of-the-nerds-high-iqs-rubiks-cubesPieces of a giant Rubik’s Cube must be put together. The completed cubes hold part of a Sudoku puzzle which must be completed by each team. First to finish the Sudoku puzzle wins.

Danielle comments that running through the fountain is like a “messed up version of Baywatch.” The KOTN powers-that-be obliges with a theme ripoff and the camera focusing on Danielle’s running for a few seconds.

Curtis wonders why the Nerds are running through the fountain. What’s that saying about the shortest distance between two points?

Ivan does the heavy lifting for Orange. I couldn’t tell whether his action was literal. All of Blue helps each other carry the pieces. Blextrophy struggles building the cube as the Servants are first the attempt Sudoku.

king-of-the-nerds-servants-sudokuMoogega may be a good Sudoku player, but the situation changes with added stress and teammates. Joshua is…sending vibes or whatever. Robert and Curtis consider checking the rulebook for that.

Orange’s first solving attempt fails. Blue, meanwhile, steadily builds towards their solution. For those scoring at home, Blextrophy’s solution to the non-standard Sudoku puzzle:


Genevieve’s shrieks of victory annoy Danielle. At least there’s a cameo by the Chicken Panda. Blextrophy will have fun in a flight simulator.

Blextrophy wins their second Nerd-War


Danielle considers putting Joshua up to the Nerd-Off. Again with this?

Meanwhile, Virgil defeats Celeste in the flight sim. Outrage! Blue considers Ivan for the Nerd-Off. The Servants have drinks. Moogega and Danielle loosen up, give the Batman statue a pat on his balls, and play-wrestle.

The new TBS.

Danielle spanks Moogega’s butt and Joshua’s stunned that a black girl’s butt can bounce. He should come down South often.* Joshua is too shy to get involved. Ladies and gentlemen, the nerdy version of Unresolved Sexual Tension.

In the RadioShack room, Ivan wishes that Moogega isn’t chosen. OF COURSE NOT! THERE’LL BE HELL TO PAY!!! Butt I digress. Ivan and Virgil chatter; I think Ivan’s trying to get a read if he’s being chosen. Virgil isn’t stating what his intentions are.

Ivan confronts Virgil in Blue’s bedroom. His odd act of intimidating Virgil and Genevieve is odd. No hulking posture. No deep bassy voice.

Nerd-Off: Joshua vs. Ivan

Blue votes Ivan unanimously. Virgil says it’s time for them to lose their head; Ivan retorts that two heads will grow back. Orange votes Joshua 3-1.

Nerd-Off: Memory (or Concentration for you game show fans) test with 2 hours preparation. It’s the game of Concentration/Memory with giant dice on covering up objects on King of the Nerds-branded trash cans. First to make seven pairs wins. Just add a gauntlet of our helpers, pink-haired Mindy Thompson and whats-his-name, and a sumo wrestler named Byambajav Ulambayar.


Joshua will at least have memories of Mindy. Ivan will have memories of a ball to the groin. Remember that event from American Gladiators where the contestants would wrestle a Gladiator after trying to run past another Gladiator on a gridiron? Breakthrough and Conquer, I think it’s called. Anyway, I do worry a bit about injuries sustained from tussling with the sumo wrestler.

Why are there two kinds of swords for the Memory game?

With the score tied 6-6, Joshua couldn’t make a match, finding a Magic 8-ball (TM) and a Rubik’s Cube. Ivan goes for the win. “Give me a hug,” he tells Byambajav.

Feel the love.

Ivan matches the Rubik’s Cubes to win. Ivan defeats Joshua 7-6. Joshua is eliminated from King of the Nerds.

Danielle will have no more colorful names to call Joshua. Since Danielle told me that both are actually friendly, they may be what TV Tropes calls “Vitriolic Best Buds.” Okay, missing the “Best.” Joshua is bombed out of Nerdvana. At least he shares one thing in common with NBC’s primetime lineup.

There’s still a chance for a Chicken Panda coronation. Who’s your favorite to win. Did Moogega win you over? Tune in next week when baby Ted Turner continues to weep at how his marvelous creation has come from fine entertainment like Andy Griffith and the Beverly Hillbillies.

And finally, the Moogega-Danielle alliance (with a d?):

* – I’m black, BTW.

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