King of the Nerds Review: Enginerds (S01E07)



This competition brings out the weirdness in people.
– Moogega Cooper, Ph.D

Today I learned:

  • It’s appropriate to use the word “penultimate,”
  • Danielle is at her fiery best (with one exception),
  • My pronunciation of a certain Ph.D-holding contestant’s name is wrong.
  • I’m unsure whether to do next season’s recaps.

It’s been a long, long quest for the $100,000 prize. Spoilerphobes beware!

Who’s eliminated this week?

The Nerds are going to relax. Ivan has survived after umpteen weeks and is truly the Last Man Standing. He wishes that Virgil’s still around in his confessional. Cue cut-in footage of Virgil talking about the other gender (?) coming off like a weirdo from another planet. After Virgil’s comments, Ivan thanks him. Both come off looking strange, and not in a “cool” way.

The ex-Blextrophy members move to the Orange room. Danielle doesn’t like sharing the room or Genevieve. Danielle is in full competitive mode.

Now Curtis and Robert will present and demonstrate the first individual Nerd War:

Nerd War: Physics

RESULT: Danielle wins and earns immunity from the Nerd-Off. She also gets to pick one Nerd for the Nerd-Off. Results


The Nerds must figure out how many glass sheets with break with “Nerdballs” and a 15-pound toy pig from given heights. The sheets are spaced three inches apart and there will be three object drops. Brain-bending physics and math are things KotN gives you instead of the other vapid competition shows.

There’s the impression that Moogega will ace this Nerd War. Hmmm, this is TV, however…

Danielle, who’s relying on pure pluck, augments her cognitive powers with relevant My Little Pony discussions and Truther conspiracies. So, Moogega’s orthodoxy is against Danielle’s outside-the-box thinking.

king-of-the-nerds-enginerds-nerd-war-resultIvan has Moogega check his math problems. Genevieve and Celeste are working together to improve their chances of getting rid of Danielle.

Rules where: +1 point for correct prediction and -1 for each sheet they’re off from the total.

See the Nerd War results. For a supposed favorite, Moogega really struggled here.


Danielle is rewarded with a meal cooked by “foodgician” (coined by Danielle) Richard Blais, a maestro of molecular gastronomy. She chooses Moogega to join her. Somewhere, a Japanese noble in flamboyant clothes is yelling, “Good Gastronomy!”

Moogega offers herself to be voted for the Nerd-Off. Celeste tries to get on Danielle’s good side. Danielle feels that she can beat Moogega and Ivan, but not Genevieve.

king-of-the-nerds-danielle-celeste-enginerdsI didn’t think it was a good decision to send one of the better clutch contestants (Genevieve has won two Nerd-Offs) against someone who’s going through the most pressure she’s ever had.

There was the pre-vote chat between Danielle, Ivan, and Genevieve where Danielle decides to leave Celeste a note stating that she’s going to the Nerd-Off. Celeste feels that Genevieve betrayed her then tries to sway Danielle from being voted off. Celeste is sad that friendship can go out the window, but that’s turning on each other will happen when there’s $100,000 at stake.

Danielle looked like she felt sorry for Celeste. Out of that pity, Danielle may have had the opportunity to choose Genevieve. At least that’s what I’m getting from the narrative of the show.

Nerd-Off: Structure Stacking

king-of-the-nerds-genevieve-stackRESULT: Genevieve wins the Nerd-Off (3 wins). Her structure appeared to be 7.5 feet. Moogega is gone from King of the Nerds.

Moogega is voted by everyone, including herself. Danielle selects Genevieve. Genevieve feels Celeste betrayed her and she’s “lost a friend today.”

In the Nerd-Off, both must engineer the tallest structure from nerdy items like rulers, VHS tapes, Rubik’s Cubes, and Nintendo Gamecubes and Game Paks. Both can also use Nerf guns to knock down the other structure. First to reach 10 feet or have the tallest structure after 10 minutes wins.

moogega-tower-fallsAt about the 3-minute mark, Genevieve decides to add height by sticking two rulers between NES cartridges and placing the game pak into a Sega Genesis cartridge slot. Her clever tactic almost gives her the victory as Moogega tries to shoot down Genevieve’s structure. Unfortunately, not only does Moogega fail to knock it down, but her structure comes tumbling down as she goes back to stacking.

The final result looks close, but the camera angle makes it more difficult to know the true result. Genevieve had to do some rebuilding to stop the swaying. Moogega put up a good effort while the other Nerds were on the edges of their seats. The “Leaning Tower of Moo,” as Moogega calls it, falls again after time’s up.

Genevieve credits her homeschooling. She’s just very calm and focused in these Nerd-Offs, though. Danielle boasts that she’d rape the challenge.


There’s a 25 percent chance that I’ll win $100,000. That is way better than any odds in Vegas.
– Genevieve Pearson

I wouldn’t put her chances at 25%. However, I’d put her as the slight favorite over Ivan to win King of the Nerds. Out of all four, Celeste is the underdog because she seems the most vulnerable.

I’d put Ivan as the favorite, but Genevieve impressed me with 3 Nerd-Off victories. Danielle’s the wild card; her fiery passion can carry her to the Throne of Games or lead to some entertaining blow-ups.

GG, Moogega. Read my interview with Moogega I posted last Saturday.

Also, listen to my interview with Danielle and Brandon.

Nerd War Results

king-of-the-nerds-nerdball-glassFirst drop: 6-pound ball broke 5 sheets
Correct: Danielle and Ivan
Incorrect: Celeste, Genevieve (guessed 4), Moogega (3)

Second drop: 8-pound ball broke 2 sheets
Correct: Danielle and Moogega
Incorrect: Celeste, Genevieve, and Ivan (guessed 3)

Final drop: 15-pound toy pig broke 5 sheets from a 76-inch drop
Correct: Celeste and Genevieve
Incorrect: Moogega (guessed 3), Ivan (guessed 6), Danielle (guessed 4)

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