King of the Nerds Between Seasons Nagging Notes


TBS hasn’t decided on renewing King of the Nerds, but it hasn’t stopped some to keep nerd hope alive.

According to Nielsen, the geeky reality competition show’s second season finale had a viewership of about 955,000 and a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic. There, rocket scientist, hockey player, and Star Trek fan Kayla LaFrance emerged victorious. Compare those figures to season one’s finale: over 1.5 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating.

While there’s a downward trend in viewership, interest hasn’t died. LaFrance has employed a strategy to keep up interest in the show. There’s now a Nerd Army assembled over social media to help convince TBS not to pull the show. Every week, LaFrance organizes meetings over YouTube using Google+ Hangouts to check on the Army and talk about other nerdy interests.

The 24 April online meeting included a visit by King of the Nerds emcee, Curtis Armstrong at around the 55 minute mark. Armstrong discusses topics like the seven-year journey to get King of the Nerds on the air and season one runner-up Genevieve Pearson’s involvement with the challenges. Another meeting included LaFrance’s “badass twin,” Nicole Evans, a fellow contestant from season two. Other regulars include Jarrod Finn, Melissa Corley, and Jon Kurz. Finn and Corley write about the show.

Casting for King of the Nerds is ongoing. The Twitter account for the casting department recently reached colleges like MIT, Yale, and Carnegie Mellon.

Fans of the show should keep an eye on the #NerdArmy and #NerdRules hashtag on social media, and watch the Nerd Army briefings hosted on LaFrance’s YouTube account starting around 10PM ET/7PM PT.

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