King of the Nerds Renewed For Season Three


Relax, #NerdArmy. TBS’ King of the Nerds will return for another eight episode season of brainiacs and Booger (Armstrong), Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley Goldberg reports. The next season will presumably air in January 2015.

The renewal comes after this past season’s TV shows knew their fate. The second season’s ratings were down from last year. There wasn’t much mainstream coverage; a rare mention was made by Jimmy Fallon monologuing about the then-upcoming season and contestant Jack Hou. Winner Kayla LaFrance didn’t even appear on TBS’ Conan.

The unpopular popular vote finale that sent Celeste Anderson to the Throne of Games was replaced by a gauntlet of nerdy challenges. LaFrance defeated Jack Hou in an overall test of various skills including math, logic, and gaming.

This offseason, LaFrance helped devise a campaign for a third season via the hashtag #NerdArmy and several weekly meetings over YouTube/Google Hangouts. Nerd Army members such Melissa C and Jarrod Finn have posted letters and appeals to fans and TBS.

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King of the Nerds demonstrates the power of nerd culture by drawing not only a fervent fan base but also the youngest audience of any current TBS original. – Executive Michael Wright

We are thrilled to be growing our business with the amazing team at TBS and cannot be happier to be celebrating the hottest culture in the world. Nerds Rule! – Ben Silverman, founder and chairman of production company Electus.

Wright is the head honcho for TBS, TNT, and TCM shows targeting audiences at the median age of 35. Electus is one production company, along with 5×5, which produces King of the Nerds.

Recently, the casting company for KotN toured southern California for prospective season three contestants. Any nerds and geeks in the area looking to enter Nerdvana can breathe a sigh of relief.

Red-Headed Mule has done recaps and interviews for both seasons and, hopefully, will cover the third. See our King of the Nerds page for everything.

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