King of the Nerds Crown Their Second King


Wow, it’s the last episode of this show before it takes a 10-month long hibernation. I hope TBS is pleased. Writing after the fact, the big final challenge is an improvement on popular vote, but it’s only lightly more watchable to watch two people fiddling around. Also, in the preceding Nerd War, one Nerd giftwraps another’s victory. Dem’s the breaks.

Anyway, I hope to bring more interviews with some more contestants. If you liked any coverage of King of the Nerds on, please send your comments, feedback, etc.

Onto the recap!

Last week, Jack and Zack back their slingshot attacks. Zack lacks.

The remaining four Nerds celebrate Jack’s victory where Jack gives a verbose tribute to Zack.

The next morning, Xander prepares for the day dressing for the day in his own unique style:

  • Poofy shirt
  • doublet
  • Pants from his days as part of a Yosakoi team, “a modern dance rendition of the traditional Japanese summer dance, Awa Odori.”

Brian goes from Hipster Hobbit to Gollum in his confessional.

Nerd War: Quiz Bowl

Like last season, a nerdy quiz, several categories with five levels of difficulty. First two to answer five question advances to final challenge.

Kayla picks Comic Books

One of original seven members of Justice League

  • Hawkgirl
  • Green Arrow
  • Robin
  • Martian Manhunter

Kayla’s correct

Jack picks a “Ridiculously Hard” Science question:

Of these, the electromagnetic waves with shortest wavelength

  • Ultraviolet
  • Visible Light
  • X-Ray
  • Infrared

Jack guess right with X-Ray

Brian: Memory for 4 pts

What Battlehammer piece did Zack hit to win that Nerd Off against Mary Kate?

  • Pikeman
  • Archer
  • Knight
  • Dragon

Brian, Xander, Jack guess correctly

Xander: Fantasy for 3

His Majesty’s Dragon is based in this historical period

  • WWI
  • WWII
  • Crusades
  • Napoleonic Wars

Xander, Jack, Kayla answered correctly

Kayla: Comics for 5

Watchmen’s Rorachach is based on…

  • Dick Tracy
  • The Question
  • Gray Ghost
  • Batman

Brian, Kayla, Jack had it right.

Jack: Science for 1

During photosynthesis, plants eat sunlight and fart…

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon MOnoxide
  • Helium

All answered correctly and Jack advences to the final challenge.

Brian: Fantasy for 2

Nickname of Buffy the Vampire Hunter’s favorite stake

  • McKillsalot
  • Mr. Pointy
  • Death
  • Woody

Brian, Xander guessed correctly. Brian, Xander, and Kaylar are tied at 4 points.

Xander: Math & Logic for 5

“Assuming that Pac-Man is a four-foot wide sphere, what is his surface area?”

  • About 100 sq. ft.
  • About 50 sq. ft.
  • About 48 sq. ft.
  • About 24 sq. ft.

Kayla, the rocket scientist who could answer that in her sleep, gets it right and advances to the final challenge. Which brings to say…

Why, Xander? At that point y’all were tied, you could’ve picked something you were very comfortable with and something that’s away from Kayla’s strengths. Forgetting about Kayla was a horrible error. There would be no need for a one-pointer, but Xander went way over the top by picking a five-point question.

Anyway, as I predicted, Jack and Kayla are the final two. Brian and Xander have their goodbyes, but first…

The banished Nerds return! That guy, the Japanophile, that other guy, those two ladies I interviewed, and Zack.

Nicole upon seeing Xander: “…why are you dressed as a vampire?”

The Nerds party! Later, Josh and Xander sings/raps for the Nerds. Nicole plays the recorder. One more time of friendship before the final bout.

nerd-party-chris-mary-kate-web nerd-party-kayla-xander-web

Once more, Kayla imparts words of wisdom from Captain Janeway: “They expect me to be larger than life. I hope I can be that for them.”

Final Challenge: Nerdliminator

Calling All Nerds For the Last Time -_-

Jack’s Helpers

  • Kelsey
  • Josh
  • Mary Kate
  • Zack

Kayla’s Helpers

  • Nicole
  • Kayla
  • Chris
  • Xander
  • Brian

Nerdliminator Rules


A gauntlet of eight epic mental challenges in a 20 minute time limit. Jack and Kayla get to pick the Nerds who’ll help them. Up to 3 chances to use their “lifelines,” calling on three Nerds for one game each. Their work’s reviewed and the one with most solved puzzles is King of the Nerds!

Eight Nerdliminator Challenges

  • Pop culture math puzzle
  • Periodic Table Puzzle Slider
  • Nerdword Find
  • Sudoku
  • Cipher puzzle/cryptogram
  • Spatial Problem Solving: Remove the ring
  • Logic puzzle with colored blocks
  • Finish a level of Pac Man

Here are some of the puzzles for those attempting to play at home:

nerdliminator-pop-culture-math-web nerdliminator-cipher-web nerdliminator-color-blocks-logic-web

nerdliminator-scientist-word-find-web nerdliminator-sudoku-web

If you want solutions and guides to parts of the Nerdliminator, keep on scrollin’.

  • Kayla asks Brian for help with the Word Find
  • Jack finishes Pac Man
  • Zack helps Jack with the cipher
  • Nicole helps Kayla with the slide puzzle
  • Josh helps Jack with sudoku
  • Kayla asks Chris for help with math, Chris refuses. C’mon maaaaan, you choose to join her!
  • But Chris joins her with the cypher; they solve it. Okay, then.
  • Kayla struggles with the logic puzzle and Pac Man
  • Jack returns to the math puzzle, Mary Kate comes to his aid. Jack solves the math problem.
  • Time expires. Kayla couldn’t beat Pac Man and Jack didn’t remove the ring.

Congratulations, Kayla! She solved 5 puzzles to Jack’s four. Sit on your Captain’s Chair Throne of Games and be an inspiration to all nerds everywhere!


Kayla gives America (and the world) more uplifting words: “Every experience is a form of exploration and every time you explore, you discover…”

Solutions to cipher & slider:

nerdliminator-atomic-number-slider-web nerdliminator-cipher-solution-web

Math Puzzle Problems

D = Aliens onboard the Nostromo in the movie Alien or Number other than zero in binary

E = Episode number of Star Wars: A New Hope, or Mars is the _th planet from the Sun

G = Number of children Darth Vader has, or Number of siblings Ender Wiggin has

I = [Shyamalan’s The _th Sense] – [No. of books in Harry Potter series], or {Babylon _] – [Number of feet in 72 inches]

K = No. of sides on an octagon, or Number of bits in a byte

R = No. of Asimov’s Laws of Robotics, or No. of Back to the Future movies

8*[ (-1+N) / 2] = [N * 3 / (3 + 1)]^2

I’ll leave the solution up for the math scholars.

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