King of the Nerds S02E07 Recap: "Angry Nerds" Go Racing

The Nerds go racin'

The Nerds go racin'

Last week, America racks their brains figuring out a difficult math problem involving Tribbles. Even sitting in a cage, George Takei remains dignified. Chris couldn’t crush an armada of spaceships.

In the Aftermath…

Brian is in a “bundle of emotions” and isn’t “relishing” defeating Chris.

Jack and Zack have a sword fight. Zack takes a poke and winces. Later, the Nerds have a rare peaceful chat on the steps before the…

Nerd War: Live Gaming With Nerdio Carts

The banners have fallen and it’s officially every man or woman for him or herself. Upon announcement of the Nerd War, Zack brags about his gaming cred. Seriously, King of the Nerds has rarely done video game contests and this Nerd War will be no exception.

Kayla’s REALLY looking forward to the Nerd War. Zack admits having no driving experience.

The Nerds enter “The Game Grid” to race karts. King of the Nerds is going full Tron.

1st place is 5000 points, 2nd place wins 4000, etc. Running over stars are worth 250 points. Sadly, no shells.

This week, assistant Mindy, as “Tron Tron Kitty,” is Olivia Wilde.


Kayla smokes the competition and it’s not even close. This session of glow-in-the-dark kart racing isn’t quite Dale Earnhardt coming back from 17 places down to win his final race at Talladega. At least I can take a break and eat my breakfast. NO math problems, thankfully.


  1. Kayla (Fastest time, and seven stars)
  2. Xander
  3. Jack
  4. Zack
  5. Brian

Kayla speaks of her Grandpa, who taught her about fixing cars. On a less sentimental note, Zack airs his many, many grievances.

Kayla picks Xander so they both get to play with… a tablet on a stand and on wheels. It’s the future, everybody!

The Nerds are talking who’s going to be voted to the Nerd-Off. It’s calm and somber in Nerdvana before the Nerd-Off. Kayla says while she’s used to working with guys, she isn’t used to getting that much attention from them.

Xander announces to Kayla and Brian Xanderbombs, which mean “if you vote for me, then it’s trouble for you.” Now Xander’s plotting is getting Kayla to consider choosing Xander.

Nerd-Off: Angry Nerds 3D

Kayla, having immunity, chooses Jack who finds his brain scary.

The rest of the Nerds split the vote between Zack and Brian. Kayla breaks the tie by choosing Zack. Kayla’s confident that her familiarity with Xander and Brian can help her defeat them.

Based on Angry Birds, Zack and Jack create miniature structures which are the basis of large structures that withstand high-speed projectiles. Balls are placed in the gaps. To win, one of the Nerds must shoot his air cannon and knock off three balls.

Essentially, the preceding night had four nerdy guys wooing one Star Trek-loving lady to avoid having each other’s balls knocked off. That seems like a bad indie comedy movie.

Zack’s Twilly is watching him building his structure. Jack tests his structure while Kayla looks on.

Time for the Nerd-Off in the theater. Curtis and Bobby explain the rules. Zack’s scissors beats Jack’s paper and he elects to go first. While watching this, what gets your attention: the spectacle of two dudes aiming and missing their targets or all of the ball-related innuendo like “All my balls are little balls. They’re low and they’re hard to hit?”


Anyway, with the score tied 2 apiece, Zack misses then Jack hit Zack’s structure sending the final ball wobbling down. Ballgame.


Jack wins 3-2. Dragon fire sends Zack off. DFTBA.

NEXT WEEK: TBS’ premiere Final Four (before the Final Four)!

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