Jay Leno Hosts New You Bet Your Life for Fall 2021 Syndication

Jay Leno is the latest funnyman to helm You Bet Your Life, the classic comedy quiz show established and best remembered as the radio-and-TV vehicle for Groucho Marx from 1947 to 1961. Leno’s latest will be distributed by FOX Television Stations.

You Bet Your Life has an unrelated contestant couple engage in a humorous chat with the emcee then emcee starts the Q-and-A session. One famous feature is a bonus prize if a contestant utters the Secret Word anytime they’re with the host. YBYL isn’t about sky-high stakes, complex gameplay, or ad break-straddling suspense; it’s essential that emcee is capable of providing light entertainment.

Bill Cosby (1992-93), Richard Dawson (1988 pilot), and Buddy Hackett (1980-81) hosted later, lesser revivals. Several episodes starring Marx and his sidekick George Fenneman have seen DVD releases officially by Shout Factory and unofficially in public domain episode collections.

PDComedy.com has episodes of Groucho’s YBYL. YouTube, too, but it may also have videos from the other revivals.

Full original press release is below:

FOX Television Stations Reinventing Legendary Comedy Game “You Bet Your Life” Starring Jay Leno

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FOX Television Stations has announced the return of “You Bet Your Life,” set to debut in Fall 2021. The half-hour comedy game show will be hosted by Jay Leno and broadcast on the FOX owned-and-operated stations, as well as syndicated nationally. Tom Werner will serve as the executive producer, along with showrunner and executive producer, David Hurwitz.

“We need a familiar face to make us laugh and we are incredibly proud and excited to reinvent this renowned franchise with the enormously talented Jay,” stated Jack Abernethy, CEO, FOX Television Stations.

Jay Leno added, “I’m thrilled to be hosting the latest version of ‘You Bet Your Life.’ One of my favorite things to do is talk to regular people and draw humor out of them. This is a comedy show wrapped in a game show that allows me to do just that.”

Hosted by Jay Leno, this new incarnation of the legendary game show “You Bet Your Life,” will preserve the show’s trademark humorous interviews and unpredictable banter with each contestant, famously originated by Groucho Marx. For this reboot, the game will couple two strangers together for the opportunity to win prize money by correctly answering questions about pre-determined categories. Each episode will present two pairs of contestants.

180 episodes of “You Bet Your Life” will be distributed by FOX First Run.

Tom Werner stated, “David Hurwitz and I are thrilled to be working with Jay Leno and FOX on this classic Groucho Marx comedy. In these challenging times, we know America will be comforted to welcome Jay back every evening.”

“Jay Leno’s sense of humor is perfect for this legacy brand and I couldn’t be more excited to be partnered with him and Tom Werner to bring this iconic game that is full of laughs, back to television,” added David Hurwitz.

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