Iron Chef's Back! [VIDEO]


Chairman Hiroshi Tamaki presents new Iron Chef

This just came to my attention last night, but on 26 October, FujiTV’s revival of Iron Chef debuted with a two-hour special with a new roster: Iron Chef Japanese Jun Kurogi, Iron Chef French Yuusuke Suga, Iron Chef Chinese Yuji Wakiya. One of the challengers is the son of original Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi.

Of course, there’s a lot of changes: there’s a new chairman Hiroshi Tamaki, Kitchen Stadium is made into something a bit…gaudier, and different judges, floor reporters, etc. I’m pleased that first Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba has some involvement in the new series.

FujiTV Trailer:

I’m willing to give the new Iron Chef (yes, that’s the proper Japanese title of the revived show) a chance. However, as it’s too early to tell if Food Network or another English-language broadcaster will pick up the show, there are no subs/dubs available as far as I can tell.

I’m not sure that “Good Gastronomy!” is as good of a catch phrase as “Allez Cuisine!” but something’s better than nothing. And no, as one Twitter user has said, Iron Chef America just isn’t the same. The pure Japan-ness of the original show appealed to me when watching the Food Network shows back in the late 90s. Hopefully when I get the opportunity to watch the new shows, Japan culture in 2012 will still be as interesting as it was in the 90s.

Another FujiTV trailer with some judges and footage of Kitchen Stadium construction:

Here’s a trailer featuring Iron Chef Japanese Kurogi. If these clips whet your appetite, would you like FujiTV to bring the new Japan shows over to the US/UK/Australia/Canada/etc.?

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