Hollywood Game Night Week 5 Review [SPOILERS]

Al Roker, Jason Alexander, contestant David Clark, Josh Gadd, Jane Lynch, contestant Leilani Evans, Will Sasso, Niecy Nash, Nick Cannon

The fourth edition of Hollywood Game Night it titled “America’s Got Game Night.” Neither Howard Stern nor Howie Mandel didn’t show up, so this couldn’t been as curiously surreal as it could’ve been.

Emcee Jane Lynch calls both contestants “normies” instead of “civilians.” What’s next, calling the stars “gods of the pantheon of showbiz?” The celebs reached nowhere near Martin Short levels of annoyance, so I enjoyed this week’s episode.

Continue reading for details on this star-studded match.

Leilani’s Team

Leilani Evans is an administrative coordinator from Issaquah, Washington.

  • Jason Alexander – Gained hair. Generated chatter.
  • Al Roker – Lost weight. Made headlines.
  • Josh Gad – Lost 1600 Penn. No one remembers.

David’s Team

David Clark journalist & editorial assistant from Barona, New Jersey

  • Nick Cannon – Purple.
  • Will Sasso – Stooge.
  • Niecy Nash – Niecy.
Picture Perfect TV ID Smash the Buzzer But Wait, There’s More I Love A Charade Total Score Bonus Round Winnings
Lellani’s Team 3 3 8 6 35 55 N/A
David’s Team 4 5 4 6 40 59 $9,000

Game 1: Picture Purrfect – Blues Brothers, Splash, Big Lebowski, 40 Year Old Virgin, Sister Act, Nutty Professor, Babe, King Kong reenacted with cats.

Just what we need: the game that launched a million macros.

hollywood-game-night-king-kong-cats hollywood-game-night-40-year-old-virgin-cats-web

hollywood-game-night-splash-cat-web hollywood-game-night-blues-brothers-cats-web

hollywood-game-night-babe-cat-web hollywood-game-night-nutty-professor-klumps-cats-web


Al Roker has apparently never seen such a flagrant display of the human body.

hollywood-game-night-nick-cannon-celebrates-web hollywood-game-night-al-roker-reaction

Game 2: TV ID – I cringed when David suggested House as the answer for the clue “bitchy doctors.” Because surely we all remember the multiple doctors going at each other and Hugh Laurie not-at-all-prickly performance. Thankfully his team gave the correct answer of Grey’s Anatomy. Moving on…

Game 3: Smash the Buzzer!

See Episode 2 recap on rules for TV ID and Smash the Buzzer.

Watch this Hollywood Game Night clip where Will Sasso edges the competition with his wingspan:

RESULT: Leilani and Jason are the sole survivors.

Game 4: But Wait, There’s More – Jane Lynch uses her inner-pitchwoman to describe products sold on TV. A male and female model each trot out the pieces of merchandise. First to guess the correct name, using one word from both columns, wins two points.

And now, my own pitch:

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  • Gyro Bowl
  • Red Fusion
  • Potty Patch
  • Ultra Cuddle
  • Leaf Taco

Game 5: I Love A Charade

See Episode 1 recap for the rules of I Love a Charade.

Bonus: Celebrity Name Game with David and Al Roker. Al is playing for the Calvary Hospital.

NEXT WEEK: Hot off The To Do List, Aubrey Plaza. Also, Kristin Chenowith, Molly Shannon, and a bunch of guys I didn’t name.

Author: Clarence

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