Hollywood Game Night Week 3 Live Review

Dax Shepard, Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler, contestant, Jane Lynch

Episode Title: “Saturday Night Reunion”

The third episode of Hollywood Game Night premieres 25 July with guests Fred Armisen, Sean Hayes, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, Jason Sudeikis. There may be drunken shenanigans by the rowdy group. We’ll see if NBC has overblown the zany antics of the celebs.

Super late update 30 July – So Coco stands as the triumphant winner with $8000 (she didn’t win the bonus round with Jason). This review is a bit more fun to watch than to review in real-time. Apologies for the crudeness of the review. So, who else was creeped out by Kerry Russell Brand?


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10:03 – Intros. Captain Michael joins Amy, Fred, and Dax.

Captain Coco Jackson is with Sean, Maya and Jason.

1st game – Jane gives disclaimer that exec. producer Sean Hayes didn’t have advance knowledge of game material. Now, Celebrity Fusion!

Ricky Martin Lawrence is creepy. So is Governor Chris Christie Brinkley.

Wow, Jane Lynch had the same thought; she also thought Danica Patrick Stewart had a Jackie Chan resemblance.

Classic film buffs are going to wretch at Elizabeth Taylor (Swift) & (Maya) Rudolph Valentino.


hollywood-game-night-s01e03-chris-christie-brinkley-web hollywood-game-night-s01e03-ricky-martin-lawrence-web

2nd game: Time Line – played on the first episode. Team captain Michael takes up the task of ordering People’s Sexiest Men. Who consulted a list in order to “play” this? That would be cheating. No Wikipedia or Googling, guys.

Michael got 3 correct. Commendable.

Maya plays for Coco’s team putting Jennifer Aniston haircuts in order. Sorry guys, I’m no expert on “the Rachel.”

Maya got them all correct. Six points plus five bonus points for her team. Coco leads 15-5.

Jane did some banter with the celebs. Nothing memorable so far.

10:28 – Amy gives the Rope-a-Dope excuse for being behind. Heh.

3rd Game – Take a Hint, played  on the 1st episode? One member guess one-word clues from each of his or her teammates.

Coco had 5 correct, Michael 7. Amy mostly relied on Dax to give the initial clue. Coco leads 20-12.

10:35 – NBC celebrates Amy Poehler’s Emmy noms. I celebrate not watching the Emmys for the Fringe snubs. Oh, well. Speaking of NOMS…

4th Game – Candy Bar Investigation.

Fast and furious action. Michael’s team has closed the gap, trailing Coco’s team 18-22.

Time for me to take a break…



Live review starts at about 10 ET, barring distractions. Here’s a preview of “Saturday Night Reunion:”

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