Hindsight Review

Have you ever had that feeling that your life didn’t work out the way it SHOULD have? That you took too many safe bets instead of taking one big leap? Then you should follow Becca in VH1’s new sitcom, Hindsight. I saw a trailer for this a few weeks back and it IMMEDIATELY caught my attention. Thank goodness for the internet because, without Facebook, I would’ve never caught this awesome show!

The show focuses on Becca as she is about to enter into her second marriage. She’s doing what every person in their late 30’s does and is thinking about her past regrets. That’s when everything takes a turn. A chance meeting with a young fellow on the eve of her wedding proves to be a bit more than it seems and, when the pressure of her life starts to weigh on her, Becca is transported back to a much simpler time… the nineties!

Hilarity ensues as we follow Becca on her journey to make “better” decisions for her future. Along for the ride we have an amazing cast in the form of her quirky best friend, the love of her life, the love yet to be, her adolescent brother and parents that haven’t got a divorce yet.

This show has all the makings to become the best new sitcom in recent years. I can easily rank the pilot up there with Happy Endings and New Girl, but it also has something that makes it way more unique than a typical comedy. TIME TRAVEL! Not in the ‘Back to the Future’ sense. There’s no mode of transportation or wormhole to speak of. It’s more of a ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ meets ‘The Family Man’ vibe…but MUCH better.

I am always up to watch new shows but this one seemed more fun than most. I actually found myself wanting to watch the next episode immediately and then looked to find out the next time it will be on. Thank goodness it has a time slot! The pilot airs tonight at 10/9c on VH1 with subsequent episodes every Wednesday after that. And if all that didn’t say it, I’ll put it as simple as possible. Hindsight is the BEST new thing on television! I can’t wait for more!