Hindsight Episode Two

This show…THIS SHOW! The cast has done an AMAZING job at really placing themselves in the nineties. And talk about having the best soundtrack EVER. I felt like I was in middle school all over again listening to it. I now have no doubt that this show will be VH1’s highest rated show ever. Everything about it is so right!

This episode picks up right where the last one drops off. The revelation that Becca has just changed her future begins to weigh on her and only Lolly can help her pick up the pieces. And as a quick statement, yes…I thought Lolly looked spot on as Six from Blossom. And yes, Sarah Goldberg’s Lolly is very quickly becoming one of my favorite television characters.

What really gets me about this episode is that even though Becca knows she is saving herself from years of regret, she still regrets making the decision to break off her marriage to Sean. I can see why. No one likes change…initially. The way Becca starts to take charge of things she no longer has control over is really the makings of a true heroine.

The true lesson that Becca is putting to the test in this episode is Newton’s Third Law because with every action she takes, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And if that isn’t a hard lesson to put into context, just try to figure out how strange life gets after she kisses her fiance of four years, and not yet fiance Andy the day after her failed wedding. Believe me; it’s less complicated than it sounds.

The twists and turns in this episode came out of nowhere. Lolly now coming to the realization that she is the best friend that no longer KNOWS every move that her best friend will make, Andy now being the not so predictable guy and the boss from hell who turns out to be…well, kind of a dick still.

Without giving too much away, Becca has her ups and downs and we are along for the ride. In true comedy fashion, you can’t help but laugh at the characters shortcomings and applaud there triumphs.

This episode has still got me hooked on the show. I am so glad that this show finally found a network worth giving it a shot. Webisode! Can we get more of these? I can’t get enough of Lolly and Sebastian’s crazy chemistry. Hindsight airs every Wednesday at 10/9 c only on VH1.