Good Morning Again, Miss Bliss: Gratuitous Crossovers, Part 1


NOTE: This work of fan fiction takes in an alternate continuity where Saved by the Bell never existed but Good Morning, Miss Bliss continued. You may, however, find some old friends…

It is almost 2 p.m. on a cozy Spring day. A few dozen frustrated students of Indiana High School are listening to the wise words of Carrie Bliss, a career schoolteacher. Carrie always desired integrity from the moment she stepped in kindergarten.

As she made her way through college, some wondered why she didn’t leave the wretched esteem of public education and gone into something more glamorous. Now, Miss Bliss, never ugly but possessing faded Hollywood starlet looks, wants nothing more than to pull up even the most struggling student.

Miss Bliss’ classroom is at least clean. Like many other classrooms, hers isn’t state-of-the-art yet sufficient. There’s a single IBM computer in the back of the classroom. The walls are free of mold and the blackboard is paved with neat chalk lines. The floor gets dusty, but Miss Bliss sometimes takes a broom and dustpan herself to clear the dirt. Sometimes, if a janitor is forgetful, she’ll enlist of her troubled students. One of which always appears to have trouble following him.

“Zack Morris, wake up this instant,” shouted Miss Bliss. Zack had attempted an attentive squint but failed to keep up with Bliss’ dry speech. “Huh,” a sleepy Zack replied.

“‘Huh, huh’ was how some lazy warrior lost their empires,” Miss Bliss exclaimed. She walked over to Zack’s desk. “Why don’t you care for history today?”

“You see, I spent all last night helping my friends, Mikey and Nikki, for their upcoming school play, and…”

“Heheh, yeah, Zack,” chortled a curly-haired kid sitting behind Zack. “Yeah, after a half-hour of helping those two, you spent the night trying to call this girl you met. Hahahahaha.”

Zack quickly tried to shush the kid, but it was too late. Miss Bliss is about to speechify. “Ah, Zack. After a third year of your antics, you have to find some healthier forms of recreation. How much do I have to beg Mr. Belding not to have you off the basketball team?”

“Miss Bliss, what I did was basketball related. My… friend is with our next opponents, Valley, and…”

“Young man, I know the state of Indiana is hoops-crazy this time of year, but you need a proper education. Shouldn’t your friends help you out with this?”

“Okay, okay, I’ll take one more detention. I swear! No more goof ups! I just want to beat Valley and their star player so badly.”

Carrie sighed. When Zack’s in trouble, he can always spare just that one iota of charm to avoid the worst. She can see the potential in him after most other teachers have given up. This Zack always has his head in the clouds, they thought. Miss Bliss clings on that Zack’s purpose in life is more than throwing a silly ball through a big ring.

“Oh, all right, Zack. You’ll be cleaning up my classroom again for detention. But! I’m going to make sure you focus on your studies. Samuel, how would you want to keep Zack busy?”

“Miss Bliss, Zack and I plan to learn the major battles of the Civil War through the Urkel dance,” responded the curly-haired, but odd-thinking Samuel.

Miss Bliss turned and walked back to her desk, muttering under her breath, “who’s a worse role model? Urkel or Larry Bird?”

“Anyway!” she snapped back as the rest of the class chuckled. “Class! Where was the first shot of the Civil War take place?”


The students quickly exit. Zack has never been more relieved to hear the bell…


Zack and his pipsqueak friend lumber through the hallway thinking about how the day can get better.

“Youcanalwayscatchabreakattherighttime, huh,” asked Samuel.

Zack’s eyes went wide. “Well, I have to get to the gym to prepare for the prep rally in about a half-hour. After I somehow get chewed out by my coach, I get home to do homework. Maybe I can concetrate tonight without thinking about girls and…”

A figure spoiled by success in family and cheerleading walks between the duo. “Hey, Zack! What’s up?”

“My grades won’t be, Lisa,” responded Zack.

“Hey, Lisa. Did you get the frog with the big pink bow I sent you,” asked Samuel.

“Uh, no. I don’t like your gross invitations, you frog,” retorted Lisa. She takes her hand and twists Samuel’s ear until Samuel lets out a piercing “Eeeeeeeeessssch!”

“Listen! I don’t like you, your nerdy friends, whatever. Will you ever get that message, Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers?”

“Loud and clear! Loudancleeeeeeaaar,” Screech responded.

Lisa releases her grip on Screech’s ear. She then turned a gave a megawatt smile toward Zack.

“So, Zack, how was that little… phone date with that girl you met last night?”

“Nothing came of it. Maybe I’m just betting bored of hoops,” replied Zack.

“Zack, I don’t mind giving you my cellular phone for privacy, but don’t forget not to use it for too long before my dad notices. By the way, do you want to know my new cheer routine now before the rally starts?”

“High kicks? Shouts to make everyone’s ears bleed? Nah, I’m used to you and the cheer squad’s antics,” said Zack with a smirk.

Lisa giggled. “Yeah, I know. Just don’t fall asleep when they call your name. The school needs all the pep they can get against Valley. Oh, and don’t forget to bring back my phone soon. See ya.”

Lisa moves on toward her next class. “Ah, what a woman,” Screech said.

“What a headache you’re gonna get trying to get her to like you. Aren’t there nerdy girls who want to talk to you,” pleaded Zack.

As Screech squints a mean stare at Zack, two familiar, curly-haired faces come towards Zack and Screech.

“Hi, guys! How’s the basketball going, Zack,” asked Mikey. “Yeah, Zack. All that running around the court is SO good for your heart. Too bad your heart wasn’t into acting,” said Nikki.

“Juggling theater and basketball is too hard,” groaned Zack. “Anyway, I wanted to see the state and see what hot babes would want to see the Zack Attack.”

“Ha! So, nothing happened with the cheerleader from Valley,” asked Mikey.

“Look, I’m getting enough of an earfull from Miss Bliss and even Lisa about chatting. For the upcoming game versus Valley, I’ll become the NEW Zack Morris.”

“Yeah, right. The OLD Zack Morris couldn’t get his lines right when the spotlight was on him last year. New Zack would probably blow the game-winning shot,” retorted Mikey.

“Zack, do whatever what feels right for you,” said Nikki. “All that running and jumping will wear down your knees. Come back to acting when your done settling the score with the jerks from Valley, okay?”

Mikey extended his hand towards Zack. The ex-drama kid thought that was an odd gesture. “Hey, Zack, how we thumb-wrestle for what group you’ll be in,” Mikey offered.

“You didn’t have the strength for the wrestling team. I’m sure I could even take you in thumb wrestling,” retorted a smirking Zack.

“Hey, Mikey and Nikki, can I be the court jester for the next King Arthur play,” asked Screech.

“Screech, with the way you screamed when Lisa turned you ear, you couldn’t be good at being the pet dog,” said Nikki. Screech hung his head, but a second later it rose quickly with eyes wide open. “I have an idea…” Screech turned around and made a walk to who-knows-where.

“Wow. Smart, yet scatterbrained,” observed Mikey. “Look, Golden Boy, keep the drama to a minimum by sticking with us. See ya at the pep rally.” Mikey and Nikki walked toward the next class.

“With friends like these,” shrugged Zack. He looked at his watch then darted towards his next class. Shortly after talking to the teacher, it’s time to get to the gym to prepare for the pep rally.

Author: Clarence

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