Fun With the Hip Hop Squares (VIDEO)

The set of Hip Hop Squares

A review of the game where the Squares setting leaves Hollywood glamour for the NYC club scene.
UPDATE: Second episode video below.

Mister X
Alejandro plays Mister X
Miss O
Inqu plays Miss O

I didn’t know what to expect from the new version of the classic Hollywood Squares format. I do appreciate that this durable televisual Tic-Tac-Toe is here on MTV2. I stay on the edges of hip-hop news so I recognized some of the stars but the ones I didn’t stop from enjoying the show. Mac Miller, in the tradition of Paul Lynde, Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, & the Internet-less Martin Mull, does center square duties in the premiere episode. Miller and the other celebrities made the show a breezy, fun time.

The structure of the game familiar to game show fans remains. Two contestants, a Mister X and a Miss O, have to agree or disagree with a celebrity’s answer. The questions tossed by host Peter Rosenberg are general knowledge. The quiz stuff is a little challenging for many of the targeted young viewers but won’t put them into double jeopardy. An example:

Who’s more likely to become president: Justin Bieber or Flava Flav?

Winner of each round gets $500. Contestants play until time is called. If time’s up while a round’s in progress then the contestant each receive $100 per square won. Whoever has the most money goes on the bonus round. Oh, wait! I almost forgot that the second round is the G-Spot (Secret Square) where a contestant’s successful pick earns $1000. That money is a prize that doesn’t count in the scoring. Bonus round: pick a row, choose the star telling the truth for $2500.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino
Featuring the rapper with mad hops: Childish Gambino!

I enjoyed the loose, party atmosphere. The pace of the show was not slow at all. The feel of the show broke away from a “make it exactly like yesteryear” approach some die-hard fans would want. It’s good for the folks at Hip Hop Squares that they did things their way without ruining the essentials of the game. I liked that the stars are not using the “give a joke answer before a real answer” routine that was in most previous versions of the Squares.

If Ghostface Killah was the catalyst of bringing along the stars that willing to play then I say that he should be a regular. Also, a big YAY for Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) who got SOME action during the episode.

Big thanks to MTV2 for making the show stream-able (at least for the U.S. viewers…). I look forward to watching a whole season of this. Note to producers: just keep Joan Rivers away if you can!

Roster for the 1st episode: Fat Joe, Kat Graham, DJ Khaled, Tech N9ne, Mac Miller, Ghostface Killah, Childish Gambino, Donnell Rawlings, a very unfocused MGK.

Week 2: Contestants Justin vs. Joya
Roster: Fat Joe, Miss Info, DJ Khaled, Maino, JB Smoove, Bam Margera, Ralphie May, Ghostface Killah, Donnel Rawlings

Hip Hop Squares Podium

Watch second episode where gameplay gets interesting:

Watch the premiere episode of Hip Hop Squares below:

I liked this show! *DING* What do you think of Hip Hop Squares? Please comment below.

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