DC Nation Review: Green Lantern & Young Justice


Episodes “Babel” (Green Lantern: The Animated Series S01E21) & “War” (Young Justice S02E15)

What Worked

“The Mercies of Mongul are not appreciated.” Keith David did a fair job voicing Mongul despite the villain’s hubris.

Dr. Fate protects the Earth!

“It’s dangerous for you to go alone. Take this.” Ah, the droll Prince Topaz. Amethyst inspires him to go out and have fun in the overworld, er, Gemworld. Buy Swords of Sorcery: Amethyst today!

The Green Lantern episode, written by Charlotte Fullerton & Kevin Rubio, had the right mix of humor and menace. At first, I didn’t think the detour to a hostile planet could be fun, but I was pleasantly surprised.

What Didn’t Work

The black couple, Guardian and Bumblebee, bickers during the core approach. Happy Black History Month. The timing’s coincidental, but it’s still annoying.

No advertising campaigns for Blue Beetle and Booster Gold-based cereal? No way!

Allegedly, there’s a Young Justice comic and a magazine about DC Nation. Too bad Cartoon Network couldn’t spare 10 seconds plugging them.

Check out previews and stills for Green Lantern: Babel, Princess Amythest, and Young Justice: War at Toonzone!

Author: Clarence

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