DC Nation Review - 16 Feburary


Loose reviews of Young Justice: “Complications,” Green Lantern: TAS: “Love is a Battlefield,” and the DC Nation shorts.

What Worked

It’s cool to see the love fathers (Sportsmaster, Black Manta) have for their children (Artemis/Chesire, Aqualad). Even though Black Manta should wind up dead by the end of the series.

green-lantern-tas-love-battlefield-atrocitus-meets-aya-zamaronLove is not about “might makes right.” It’s about sacrifices and making choices. Aya has no problem disposing of Manhunters and taking away the freedoms of the Zamaronians and Carol Ferris to get her way. Yes, writer Jennifer Keene puts in a reference to the Bible, establishing Carol as a decent human being.

Speaking of Aya, her cold, logical manner gives me chills. Not because I’m easily affected by cartoons, but because she reminds of real sociopaths (cf. Internet comments sections).

M’Gann gets to show once again she the strongest member of the Young Justice team with her using her telepathy to convince Sapphire that Artemis is safe.

I’m getting to used heel Blue Beetle, that slippery eel. He’s better than confused Jaime Reyes.

Dr. Ivo’s “Curse your dopeness, Vibe!” won me over to that silly throwback short.

What Didn’t Work

“No man can defeat the Manhunter!” Snicker

I like the return of Star Sapphire, but couldn’t she seemed to become more assured in her fight against Atrocitus after she summoned Hal Jordan.

The short about Amethyst was a bit “meh.” The lift-the-fat-baby gag didn’t send have me laughing. Now how much are will a collection of Sword & Sorcery: Amethyst comics cost now that it’s been cancelled?

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