On Colbert Taking Over The Late Show


Congratulations to Stephen Colbert on becoming David Letterman’s successor. CBS wanted a big name and Craig Ferguson’s content at 12:37 so the crafty Colbert will move into the big time of broadcast TV. #LettermanReplacements can be put to rest.

I and some others would want a woman or person of color to take over (Aisha Tyler is an inspired choice some suggested). However, CBS is not in the business of experimenting with their precious time slots. This is the same network that would happily schedule a zillion crime dramas and a bajillion mediocre comedies and still gain audiences. That said, I can’t see Colbert give nothing but his very best.

I imagine the end of the Colbert Report to be very funny. Colbert, as the Stephen Colbert, right-wing pundit, could be retired, fired, or displaced in some wacky fashion. Expect Jon Stewart to have a teary walk-on. Maybe the Colbert Report set gets trashed.

While CBS ain’t gonna rock the boat in their quest to beat NBC late night, Comedy Central should consider something a bit different between The Daily Show and @midnight. Is Aasif Mandvi still on The Daily Show? I can see someone from the “mothership” getting promoted to Comedy Central’s 11:30 slot, even better if someone is a woman or a person of color.

Who would be your ideal choice to host Comedy Central’s next 11:30 show?

Author: Clarence

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