110 Characters or Less: BORED in the USA During Revolution Season 2 Premiere!


Twitter allows distilled thoughts within 140 characters. However, I’d like to go one step further. With 110 characters, I can express my thoughts and post a relevant web address so that it’ll all fit in one neat Tweet. It could be useful for other social media platforms, too.

This time, Clarence tackles the season two premiere of NBC’s Revolution. Here’s his less than 110 character message:

NBC #Revolution exhibits actors’ ennui at 8PM. After 1st #PowerHalfHour, I was BORED in the USA!

The Revolution season 2 premiere, “Born In the U.S.A.,” is just boring to watch until the final quarter-hour. It was plotless; everybody was reacting and reeling from the ICBM blowing up Philadelphia and Atlanta.

The turning point of Revolution's season 2 premiere.
The turning point of Revolution’s season 2 premiere.

The big challenge for Revolution is to hook viewers in a new time slot with the mostly lame roster. That won’t be easily because people were becoming less interested in Revolution when it was a lead-out to The Voice last season. Revolution actually dipped below 2.0 in the 18-49 demographic.

This episode of Revolution wasn’t about restoring power, but restoring hope. I can’t see how viewers would be riveted in the first half-hour when there was little plot movement. “Born” didn’t say a whole lot about the characters. No, KatnissCharlie being edgy assassin-vixen just doesn’t cut it. Aaron the Google Guy will live. At least we’re spared from more MMA Monroe. Also, if David Schwimmer is going to be mentioned as a sideshow attraction then I’d better see him haggard and begging for scraps.

With a premiere rating of 1.8 and its tendency to have stagnant plots, I can’t see Revolution lasting beyond this season.

N.B. #PowerHalfHour is @NBCRevolution’s special hash tag. Why not #PowerHour? I don’t know and I don’t care.

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Author: Clarence

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