Nagging Notes: Walking Dead, DC-Related Stuff, & A Cool Place to See NYCC Cosplay [VIDEOS]

Simon Baz

Walking Dead Get Huge Audience

Re-posting from the RHM Facebook page:

Wow, The Walking Dead 3rd season premiere watched by almost 11 million in the 18-49 demographic. Execs at NBC, ABC, FOX, & CBS would drool at those numbers. TWD is probably the best TV show shot in Georgia (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo not considered).

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Young Justice S02E07 Quick Review

New Teen Titans
Cyborg and Robin tape their territory.

Anyone disliking Saturday morning cartoons are missing out of this season of YJ, especially this episode of Invasion, “Depths.” “Depths” is better than last week’s meeting of the Flashes, and Impulse’s currently living with the Garricks. YJ features some of the best superhero relationships in an animated show. The writers on the show go out of their way to show how tactical the non-powered Nightwing is. Continue reading “Young Justice S02E07 Quick Review”

Young Justice S02E04 Quick Review

Arrowed Guy
Not enough arrowing this week.

Angst! Angst! Angst! Roy, the Red Arrow, deals with the possibility never finding the original Speedy. Blue Beetle gets more annoying until he finally explains to Connor the invisible chatting buddy that is the scarab AND communicates with the Applexian that wants some healing from a nuclear power plant. Bringing the Appelaxian back was Ugly and Whisper’s plan to reanimate the Justice League’s first alien trophies. Sadly, before the pained creature can gulp some creamy nuke goodness, Sportsmaster kills it. Continue reading “Young Justice S02E04 Quick Review”

Nagging Notes! Late Spring Edition!

The study group goes 8-bit!

Hello, all. It’s been fine here near the Deep South Swamplands. Complaints about the notorious humidity haven’t peaked and I’ve these quick thought to share.

Community – S03E20 – “Digital Estate Planning”

It wasn’t the funniest or most satisying episode, but I enjoyed the nostalgia trip. Yes, the folks at Community threw lots and lots of classic video game tropes to simulate what those old games may have been like. Here some of my highlights: Continue reading “Nagging Notes! Late Spring Edition!”