Amazing Spider-Man Game Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2: Escape Impossible…BUT FUN!!!

**This review contains a MOVIE Spoiler**

This game just keeps getting better. The first mention of Michael Morbius for this universe! Possibly a sequel villain? You find out he has more to do with the cross-species than Doctor Connors via the extras you unlock within the game as well. Now, in the second chapter, you have to break out Doctor Connors from the mental asylum Spidey apparently put him in.

Right when you get to the control room, a trigger happy guard tries to get the best of you and tazes the control panel…letting all the inmates out. Continue reading “Amazing Spider-Man Game Chapter 2 Review”

Amazing Spider-Man Game 1st Chapter Review


You start off being introduced to the fact that this game takes place AFTER the movie. You walk into OSCORP with Gwen and are immediately looking for trouble. Gwen has heard that people are still continuing Dr. Connors’ Cross-Species experiments and wants to make sure that she can put an end to it. While combing around the lab area, Gwen and Peter catch a glimpse of the Rhino (who is a Cross-Species where human DNA was introduced into a Rhino) when they are met by the new CEO of OSCORP, Alistaire Smythe (most famous in the Spider-Man Animated Series back in the 90’s). Continue reading “Amazing Spider-Man Game 1st Chapter Review”

Consumption Corner - 11 April

Did you know that the Houston Colt .45s are the best team name in American sports? Now let’s move on to the current, civilized age of pop culture:

What I’m Watching

  • Mad Men on Netflix – I’m currently on season two. Slow-paced and it feels like a soap opera done right.
  • Initial D on Netflix – Five episodes in and I’m liking this. Also slow-paced but I now appreciate drift racing.
  • Community on NBC – Don’t let the Modern Warfare/Claymation Christmas lovers fool you! The show’s goodly consistent as it ever was.
  • Price is Right – After almost 30 years, the viewers will now experience Plinko Overload! Put “Plinko Week” on your Jump-the-Shark scorecard.

What I’m Watching Much Later

  • Alcatraz, The River – I know their seasons are over, but I’m still disappointed.
  • Glee – Can we just have the club graduate already?

What I’m Playing

  • Angry Birds Space, Seasons – Rovio made the birds vs. pigs rivalry challenging and fun again!
  • Edge (Android) – Reminds me of Marble Madness but with the developers figuring out all the angles.



ChipTunesDay - Mega Man 2 Soundtrack

In my opinion, Mega Man 2, released in 1988, is one of the first epic video game soundtracks. The variety of tunes really helped made MM2 as one of the better Mega Man games. Thank you, Takashi Tateishi!

Mega Man 2 Box Art

Below is a small playlist of mostly covers of the soundtrack. YouTube has tons (TONNES!) of guitar covers of Dr. Wily’s first stages, by the way. The last part of the playlist is the original Dr. Wily stage music Continue reading “ChipTunesDay – Mega Man 2 Soundtrack”