Video Game Documentary Uses Crowdfunding to Follow the Money


It’s fun to engage in video game fandom where we pound our chests over what’s awesome and what sucks. Don’t forget that the video game industry is just that, an industry. Major game companies aren’t fueled by our goodwill or rage, as much as we like to think otherwise. One man is seeking out why companies are what they are. Continue reading “Video Game Documentary Uses Crowdfunding to Follow the Money”

WWE '13 Weirdness: Darkness Falls Upon the Undertaker(?)


One night, I was bored enough to start an all-CPU, all-Undertakers Fatal 4-Way elimination match. Okay, one of the Takers is really Kane in disguise.

I took the opportunity to record the match. The original video is far too long and what you’re seeing already had one Undertaker eliminated. My sickly voice ponders adding music to the video, but it’s there in the final product below. Continue reading “WWE ’13 Weirdness: Darkness Falls Upon the Undertaker(?)”

What the Next WWE Game Should Have


The THQ era of WWE-licensed games is at an end. The rumored successor is Take-Two (2K Games), and I’m looking forward to a new take on the WWE presentation. All gamers want problem-free gameplay so I’m not going to list every known glitch and bug. I also won’t complain about the commentary because sports* game commentary has been the weak link of the genre for years.

I’m an enthusiast about video games and not a game developer. I realize when compiling this that making suggestions is easier said than done. With that said, I hold the next WWE game makers to a high standard established by AKI way back in the N64 days. Continue reading “What the Next WWE Game Should Have”

Listen to Some Sega Jams


Hey, braysayers! There are some imaginative remixes, mash-ups, and other stuff about that a certain humble Japanese video game company. There’s a lot of interest in Sonic 3 when it was revealed that Michael Jackson was once involved in the game’s soundtrack. For whatever reason, he dropped out. The original video on YouTube has been gobbled by the copyright monster, but some imaginative musicians still managed to fuse Sonic soundtracks with popular songs of the late-80s/early 90s. Continue reading “Listen to Some Sega Jams”