Nagging Note: Venom & Maximum Carnage

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I remember Spider-Symbiote-mania of the mid-90s. Venom movie lacks buzz so I have doubts for a Carnage sequel.

Cool interview w/creators of Maximum Carnage comics & games, but Venom has enduring appeal beyond that storyline.

Read Hollywood Reporter’s full interview with Danny Fingeroth, J.M. DeMatteis, Tom DeFalco, John Pickford, and many others:

[1993] was also the year Marvel Comics took advantage of that hunger for event storytelling and unleashed “Maximum Carnage,” a tale told weekly across all the Spider-Man titles that at the time was the biggest Spidey crossover event ever. It was the brainchild of editor Danny Fingeroth, who oversaw the growing roster of Spider-Man books the company published.

[…]Spider-Man teams with his mortal enemy Venom (a man and an alien symbiote bonded over their hatred of the wall-crawler) to fight Carnage — himself an alien symbiote who joined with serial killer Cletus Kasady. After escaping from a mental institution, Carnage assembles a team of supervillain acolytes, and they paint the town red, killing dozens of innocent people as Spider-Man and his own team of uneasy rivals track them down.


“Maximum Carnage” would expand beyond 14 comic book issues to include a popular video game (Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage), action figures and a theme park exhibition at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Florida. It got so big that even Marvel Comics’ top talent to this day is fuzzy on how it blew up beyond their comics.

End excerpt.

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90s Nostalgia: The RARE Day I Became Jaded From Video Games


I was in the height of my Nintendo fanboy-ism when I wrote this after another lame day of high school. Back then, Nintendo 64 was the scrappy underdog against the PlayStation revolution with Rare as its loyal sidekick. Rareware, as it was known, was in its prime making spectacular games (from Donkey Kong Country to Goldeneye to Perfect Dark).

Banjo-Kazooie was really awesome and pushed the platforming genre a bit. Donkey Kong 64 was just competent but bloated with “stuff.” (I liked the arcade game inclusion, though.) DK64’s a solid 7.0-8.0-rated game, but no mind-blowing masterpiece. It played a little too much like good ol’ B-K.

For some reason I’ve long forgotten, I tried to start a Nintendo fansite. I lack the enthusiasm and money to do that, but here are my thoughts on what Rare should do after the release of Donkey Kong 64. At that point, I started to become jaded of derivative gameplay. Oh, well. At least Nintendo is still the super-niche we know and love. Continue reading “90s Nostalgia: The RARE Day I Became Jaded From Video Games”

110-Character Challenge: Is Valiant Hearts a Wise Game? [REVIEW]


Here’s my review, with additional thoughts, of the multiplatform video game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War. While I aim to keep my bite-size review in 110 characters or less, I missed by two characters. On the other hand, the triumphs and tragedies that occurred during World War I should not be forgotten.

Valiant Hearts shows WWI sacrifices & tech advances. All’s noisy on doggie puzzle front, but hint system’s fair.

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Bon! or Bonkers: Nintendo on Wii U Gameplay Streaming


Nintendo of America chief Reggie “FEES AH-MAY,” responding to Brian Crecente’s question about Twitch support on Wii U, says that Nintendo “[doesn’t] think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself.” On the other hand, Fils-Aime asserts the success Nintendo has with Twitch with events such as Nintendo Treehouse Live and the Super Smash Bros. Invitational.

It’s well known that Nintendo has a spotty record of supporting whatever hot new trends competitors follow. However, Fils-Aime elaborates on why Nintendo feels that way and discusses alternatives. Do you think Fils-Aime’s comments are genuine (Bon!) or generally bizaree (Bonkers).

Read the full article by Polygon’s Brian Crecente for Reggie’s comments and rationale.

Bon! Reggie is Right!

* Watching people merely play games for 30 minutes is actually boring.
* Nintendo, family-friendly company they are, may appear to give consent to undesirable content.
* Nintendo prefers exciting highlights culled from matches (e.g. Mario Kart TV).
* Possible technical considerations not discussed which would drain computer power from the Wii U.

Bonkers! WTF, Nintendo

* Twitch is a very popular, so Nintendo is missing out on giving full support.
* Gamers have found creative uses for streams (e.g. chat interactions, voiceovers).
* Nintendo are simply control freaks waiting for the opportunity to get their cut.

How do I feel? From my limited perspective as a non-Wii U owner, lacking a Twitch channel/app won’t be as big of a deal like the GameCube’s lack of DVD playback or Wii outputting standard-definition video only. What do you think?

Flappy Bird Mania Is Over


Flappy Bird is gone from the iTunes and Android App Stores, ending a remarkable run of profitable fortune for creator Dong Nguyen. While we weathered storms of criticisms all over the Internets, he should be content he made so much money.

It’s easy to form an opinion on Flappy Bird if you’ve played it. It’s frighteningly simple: tap the screen to make the bird float through gaps between Mario-esque green pipes. However, the game’s difficulty and imperfections is either notorious or praise-worthy.

If there’s any secret to its success, I’d say it’s that bone-crunching sound effect of fail that begs the gamer to try just one time. Continue reading “Flappy Bird Mania Is Over”

I Game Freely: Robocop (iOS) by Glu


Difficulty: about 30 minutes of play-time.

Robocop is, or at least my idea for Robocop is, that he’s a hybrid of machine logic and human intelligence. That makes the ultimate tool for law enforcement in the war against crime. This free-to-play version of Robocop for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is just an OCP-themed pay-to-pwn dumbed-down shoot-em-up.

I got to level 3 and made some upgrades to my SMG and suit, but I wasn’t hooked to explore further in my limited play-through. Maybe there’s genuine variation in the missions and gameplay. Maybe I can shoot more of the simulated environment than perps, bots, and barrels.

However, Glu is content to let players just shoot things up and offer upgrades that one would have to pay for or do free tasks which potentially expose personal information. I can see kids’ eyes open when they’re going for a free credit report for the grand prize of 79 gold units.


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Lotsa Leapin' Luigis


Love Five Fakest Marios? Here’s the sequel!

Luigi represents the scrappy runt all of us are or have known. Luigi Mario is born in the 80s, a time to have a nostalgia filter for outlandish stuff. He acts as the green-clad lesser of the Mario Brothers. He has a cute, yet annoying, girlfriend (“HI~!”).

This list is a look through 30 years of Nintendo’s manic plumber and his travels. On 28 November 2013, Danny Wells, many kids’ first exposure to a live action Luigi, passed away. This list has nothing from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but he’s in my thoughts as I write this.

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