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Toys "R" Us Now Specializes in Ass Hats


SO, I have to rant. And yes, this is in regards to Toys “R” Us pulling Breaking Bad figures from there shelves due to a mother from, of all places, Florida complaining about her child being introduced to such figures. While I don’t collect those figures, I do feel a need to spout out some truth about the flood gates this lady just opened up.

She’s being completely oblivious to the fact that toys don’t make her child do anything and that it is, in fact, their upbringing and the pressures of those around them on a daily basis that influences there children. Continue reading “Toys “R” Us Now Specializes in Ass Hats”

Recreate This Season of Walking Dead With McFarlane Toys' New Figures!


You’re watching The Walking Dead and are looking forward to the season finale this Sunday. You also would want a viable recreation of the events of the third season. McFarlane Toys premieres a new line of action figures based on the AMC’s mega-hit zombies-and-angst show. Continue reading “Recreate This Season of Walking Dead With McFarlane Toys’ New Figures!”

Interview: Toy Collector Michael Crawford

Michael even collects Simpsons Squinkies!
Squinkies image from their official Flickr page.

I had the pleasure of corresponding with a major toy collector, Michael Crawford (a.k.a. Captain Toy). He has reviewed and discussed toys online since the early 90s. Later, he decided to store his reviews and helpful photos at his website,

As a fellow writer, I look for other skilled wordsmiths and analysts of pop culture. Michael gives his honest assessment of various figures using his rating system based on several factors. That’s addressed below. Meanwhile, enjoy this interview with someone with as much appreciation for well-made toys as you do. Continue reading “Interview: Toy Collector Michael Crawford”