This is NOT the Epic You're Looking For! THE Star Wars #1 Is Mind-Numbing.


Based on George Lucas’ rough draft screenplay to Star Wars: A New Hope.
Issue scripted by J.W. Rinzler, drawn by Mike Mayhew, and colored by Rain Beredo and Brad Anderson.

I sense a great disturbance. Adapters Rizler, Mayhew, et al. attempt to salvage a poorly focused screenplay. I know this to be true.

The Star Wars #1 has no true main hero, lots of exposition about the Jedi-Sith conflict, a rebellion that seems more like a seperatist movement, several scenes where men talk politics (treaties, trade restrictions, etc.), some bratty kids (Yippee!), and not much heart.

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Emerald City Comicon 2013 Highlights

eccc-logoGreetings, Internet denizens!

Another eventful Emerald City Comicon has come and gone. Along with the camaraderie of fun-minded folks in costume and the star-studded panels, there were other lesser, yet still interesting, events. Here is a snapshot of amazingly amusing stuff going on in Seattle this past weekend. Continue reading “Emerald City Comicon 2013 Highlights”

Redhead (Mara Jade) & Darth Mule of the Day

Shannon McRandle as Mara JadeMara Jade at Star Wars Celebration IVLeah McLeod as Mara JadeZombie Mara Jade

Above: the many faces of today’s Redhead of the Day, Mara Jade Skywalker. (See the Mule of the Day)

“Where have you been all my life?” Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker probably asked our favorite assassin-turned-smuggler and future soulmate to Son of Darth Whiney.

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