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[REVIEW] Amazon Pilot The Rebels


This new comedy pilot transposes the plot of Major League within a half hour but lacks it wit. Star Natalie Zea isn’t the evil wench trying to move her team, but the widow seeking to save her Los Angeles Rebels. She rejects a $700 million offer that would move the Rebels to San Antonio just to show the sexist men (Owners? League officials?) who’s the boss. However, it’s her assistant-turned-general manager who does the dirty work of handling the rowdy roster. Continue reading “[REVIEW] Amazon Pilot The Rebels”

Infamous Atlanta Sports Moments

1996 Atlanta Olympics: Sir-Not-Discussed-In-This-Article.

Let’s commiserate, Atlanta sports fans. Yet another major Atlanta-based blunder with the Braves squandering the magical goodwill from Chipper Jones’ final year. Don’t let those spiteful sportswriters get you down!

Yes, this listy list contains mostly stuff from the 1990s and after. I’m not compiling every run-of-the-mill fail an Atlanta-area sports team achieves.

For more sports hijinks, visit the partial inspiration for this article, Junior D Sports.

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Wildwing vs. Gretzky: Tale of the Toon Tape

Wayne Gretzky of ProStarsWildwing of the Mighty Ducks

Here comes an animated matchup from the 1990s to your monitor today!

Let’s compare two non-legends of animated hockey: Wildwing Flashblade, the leader of the group in the 1996 cartoon The Mighty Ducks. In the other corner, an unlikely representation of legend Wayne Gretzky.

Both can commiserate at how they were part of short-lived TV shows. These are how two masters of the ice measure up: Continue reading “Wildwing vs. Gretzky: Tale of the Toon Tape”

Redhead (Mike Commodore) & Mules of the Day

Mike Commodore as a Calgary Flame
Dear Canada, you’re welcome. Signed, Georgia hockey fans.

RHM salutes Redhead of the Day Mike Commodore. Commodore, the burly six-foot-four journeyman, shown hockey fans through the years what hockey’s all about: the quick pace of the game, experiencing the glory of winning the Stanley Cup, the elegance of moving along the ice…

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RHM Pop Culture Baseball All-Stars

I’m an owner of an imaginary pop culture all-star squad. A fantasy of a different sort. Lots of baseball movies tend to make some of their main characters pitchers and sluggers. However, infield positions are difficult roster spots to fill. I took cursory research plus relying on memory to know exactly who would play where in the infield. Feel free to debate these:

Starting Lineup: