So, The Shape of Water Is Apparently A Big Oscar Winner

Now’s the time for Fox to eagerly tout their upcoming Blu-ray release!

Famous people got fancy and prepared for adulation at the 90th Academy Awards happened last night. The Shape of Water, directed by Guillermo del Toro, won four Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design. Such major successes will carry momentum when Shape’s DVD/Blu-ray/4K comes out on 16 March.

I didn’t watch last night’s Oscars, but followed the event’s winners. Haven’t cared about its ceremony or presentation since David Letterman hosted. (Ah, the innocent days when Letterman and Adam Sandler were the height of comedy.) However, I’m happy to see Jordan Peele win Best Original Screenplay and Blade Runner 2049 win two Oscars: Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects. Continue reading “So, The Shape of Water Is Apparently A Big Oscar Winner”

It's Only Human To Discuss Almost Human


A review of the Almost Human episodes “Pilot” and “Skin.”

I’d be more interested in Almost Human if it’s about the Dorian android living with the day-to-day tedium of police work. Yes, Michael Ealy’s natural blue eyes help Dorian’s other-worldliness, but Ealy also charms and has me thinking less of the police procedural stuff.

What would happen if he and Karl Urban’s Detective John Kennex would drop the procedural stuff and shoot the breeze in a bar? Continue reading “It’s Only Human To Discuss Almost Human”

110 Characters or Less: Fox Moves Almost Human Premiere to 17 November


Twitter allows distilled thoughts within 140 characters. However, I go one step further. With 110 characters, I express my thoughts and post a relevant web address so that the important stuff’s in one neat Tweet. It might be useful for other social media platforms, too.

This time, I’ll describe Fox’s scheduling move putting Almost Human on Sunday night, 17 November. Continue reading “110 Characters or Less: Fox Moves Almost Human Premiere to 17 November”