Robocop's 2014 Reboot Functional [REVIEW]


The latest model of Robocop refocuses, but not upgrades, the original. It’s a decent sci-fi action movie with good performances. Here MGM presents a near future where much of the technology featured are a few steps from being commonplace. Director Jose Padilha respects the main themes of the original while changing the context for a post-9/11 audience. The PG-13 rating means no all-out gore, but the 2014 Robocop avoids turning the hero into a toyetic action hero like in Robocop 3. Continue reading “Robocop’s 2014 Reboot Functional [REVIEW]”

Remember When Robocop Fought Robocop?


Me neither.

One of the Encore channels played the mini-series Robocop: Prime Directives. I don’t remember much about it other than Alex Murphy’s adult son being an antagonist. But I didn’t recall a second, chromed-out Robocop.

The mini-series features Murphy’s old partner, John Cable. Somehow, he’s saved and put in his own Robo suit. I don’t know exactly how and I’m not going to watch hours of footage to understand that subplot. RoboCable gets two guns instead of Murphy’s one. Isn’t he the baddest? Continue reading “Remember When Robocop Fought Robocop?”

A Special Message From Robocop


Take the Yakit Kids app. Add a random screenshot of Robocop from the Glu iOS game. Plug in a snippet from the NES game soundtrack. Fool around with the effects, and VOILA! A really silly video.

There were few options for moveable mouths, so a beard was the best way to go. Robocop was a cautionary tale about privatization run amok, so I decided to make this whatever-it-is reflecting the themes from the original 1987 movie. Maybe you’ll find some deeper meaning in it. Maybe.

Robocop open in my neck of the woods 12 February.

Watch the video on!

I Game Freely: Robocop (iOS) by Glu


Difficulty: about 30 minutes of play-time.

Robocop is, or at least my idea for Robocop is, that he’s a hybrid of machine logic and human intelligence. That makes the ultimate tool for law enforcement in the war against crime. This free-to-play version of Robocop for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is just an OCP-themed pay-to-pwn dumbed-down shoot-em-up.

I got to level 3 and made some upgrades to my SMG and suit, but I wasn’t hooked to explore further in my limited play-through. Maybe there’s genuine variation in the missions and gameplay. Maybe I can shoot more of the simulated environment than perps, bots, and barrels.

However, Glu is content to let players just shoot things up and offer upgrades that one would have to pay for or do free tasks which potentially expose personal information. I can see kids’ eyes open when they’re going for a free credit report for the grand prize of 79 gold units.


Continue reading “I Game Freely: Robocop (iOS) by Glu”

What's Missing in the Robocop 2014 Trailer?


The trailer for MGM’s Robocop has arrived. I’m interested in seeing how the movie will turn out in February 2014. I hope the new Robocop will be a good movie, but I’m concerned that it’ll be a straight action flick with little thought for the issues of American culture. Keeping in mind that I’m discussing a 2-minute trailer, I’ve listed three features from the original Robocop films that aren’t in the trailer. Continue reading “What’s Missing in the Robocop 2014 Trailer?”