Writer Spotlight: Richard Starkings

Pic by Luigi Novi (CC BY 3.0)

Here’s a writer that is totally deserving of every award and nomination he has ever received. From his beginnings as a comic book letterer, to an accomplished editor and writer, Richard Starkings has become an icon in the comic industry. Even if you have not read his award-winning series Elephantmen, you have still seen his work and you may not even realize it. He has lettered such smash-hit comics as Ultimate Spider-Man volume one, George Perez’s JLA/Avengers, The Avengers: Heroes Return series and many, MANY more.

He is a master of comic font lettering and truly an amazing writer. He has made a huge impact on the comics’ industry in more ways than one. His contributions to the comics’ industry with his mastering of fonts have been forever sealed due to the nature of said contributions.

As for the series Elephantmen, it is so well written that it leaves you wanting more at the end of every issue. Never would I have believed I would enjoy a comic WITHOUT superheroes. It just didn’t seem right. But this is more like an on-going novel that just so happens to have amazing art to back it up. I truly enjoy it. The minute you read an issue, you HAVE to find out what happens next. Mr. Starkings is the reason why we spotlight writers. Continue reading “Writer Spotlight: Richard Starkings”

My Image Expo Experience---Day Two

[NOTE: Here’s part one and part three!]

First off, this was the view from our room. AMAZING

View of Oakland

The show starts at 10 the next day (Saturday the 25th of February). I raced to get ready and got everyone breakfast. We walked down to the exhibit hall at 0945. There was a bigger line, but not anything as big as Wonder Con. We got in the MVP line. The excitement is uncontainable! The doors open. I rush to Ryan Ottley first! I pulled out my book and walked over to his booth. The look on his face…he knew I would be back. I pulled out my money to pay the kind sir and was on my way to rest of the convention.

Image Expo with the Rochesters

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