Redhead & M.U.L.E. of the Day - 18 April

Singer Florence Welch is today’s Redhead of the Day!

Florence Welch performing

Welch is the lead singer of the band Florence and the Machine. Her band’s two albums, Lungs and Ceremonials, peaked at #1 in her native U.K. and reached a modest 14th and 6th respectively in the U.S. She has a distinctive, some sources call it “bohemian,” fashion taste and makes use of trancy, R&B-inspired vocals. Continue reading “Redhead & M.U.L.E. of the Day – 18 April”

Redhead & Mule Ride of the Day - 11 April

Is Lily the non-Barney reason millions watch How I Met Your Mother? Anyway, the bewitching Alyson Hannigan is today’s Redhead of the Day!

Alyson Hannigan

First, congratulations to the Denisofs for the new kid on the way! “Alyson D & Alexis D” is an awesome name for a tag team. Second, Lily and Willow are such pleasant names, aren’t they? Here’s a rundown of her most famous co-stars: Jason Biggs, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Neil Patrick Harris, & an unseen flute. Continue reading “Redhead & Mule Ride of the Day – 11 April”