Redhead (George Jetson) & Space Donkey of the Day!

George Jetson on the Drums

George can't treadmill
“Jane, stop this crazy thing!”

Coming from a Hanna-Barbera future, George Jetson, father of 2 and expert treadmill runner, is Redhead of the Day!

(See the Space Donkey of the Day!)

He’s an classic character who’s up there with Fred Flintstone and Peter Griffin. In my view, The Jetsons ran was basically from the original prime-time run in the 60s to the Orbity-filled syndication years of the 80s through The Movie, released by Universal in 1990. George Jetson lives a very grueling life. Let’s not stay still for nostalgia. Check out his nifty morning routine:

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Redhead (Mike Commodore) & Mules of the Day

Mike Commodore as a Calgary Flame
Dear Canada, you’re welcome. Signed, Georgia hockey fans.

RHM salutes Redhead of the Day Mike Commodore. Commodore, the burly six-foot-four journeyman, shown hockey fans through the years what hockey’s all about: the quick pace of the game, experiencing the glory of winning the Stanley Cup, the elegance of moving along the ice…

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Redhead (Mara Jade) & Darth Mule of the Day

Shannon McRandle as Mara JadeMara Jade at Star Wars Celebration IVLeah McLeod as Mara JadeZombie Mara Jade

Above: the many faces of today’s Redhead of the Day, Mara Jade Skywalker. (See the Mule of the Day)

“Where have you been all my life?” Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker probably asked our favorite assassin-turned-smuggler and future soulmate to Son of Darth Whiney.

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