Red-Headed Mule

A Tribute To Marcia Wallace


Actress Marcia Wallace passed away at age 70. She entertained many for decades, whether as the receptionist from The Bob Newhart Show, her many game show appearances, or even as the maid from That’s My Bush.

She was also a breast cancer survivor, gone through the sadness of losing her husband, and wrote all about her struggles and triumphs in Don’t Look Back, We’re Not Going That Way! Continue reading “A Tribute To Marcia Wallace”

Total Divas: Eva Marie's Flaming Redhead Fuss


I saw the premiere of Total Divas where I learned a valuable lesson: women can get very catty. Total Divas features the lives of several WWE Divas, especially the Bellas, Funkadactyls, and Natalya, while kicking kayfabe to the curb displaying (mostly) their real names and relationships.

One narrative stands out: two “newbies'” quest for respect and fame in the WWE. Newcomers Jo Jo and Eva Marie have arrived. Not much is shown about Jo Jo, but Eva Marie makes a decision that could color her wrestling career. Continue reading “Total Divas: Eva Marie’s Flaming Redhead Fuss”

Vote for RHM's Redhead of the Year


Have a seat. Get a drink. Time to read RHM’s candidates for Redhead of the Year. RHM has done profiles on several notable redheads in the past year. I’m not sure how far I can push the idea of showcasing gingers, but if I have some proper inspiration, I can get a few profiles done in 2013.

Until (I hope) the first week of January, I present my options for the greatest ginger featured on RHM. I know you’re likely to say, “What about [X]??” I’ll make a consideration for posting about that person next year, but no guarantees. In the meantime, read the candidates for Redhead of the Year and VOTE! Continue reading “Vote for RHM’s Redhead of the Year”