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King of the Nerds Review: Welcome to Nerdvana (S01E01)


If you’re planning to watch King of the Nerds because you think seeing your fellow geeks on TV is groundbreaking or life-affirming, then you haven’t watched too many reality competition shows. Our hosts are icons whose heyday is long gone, two of the stars of the Revenge of the Nerds movies, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. Eleven contestants vie for the big $100,000 grand prize. But first, they’re going to be broken up to two even teams. One of the contestants even compares it to getting picked for dodgeball. Characters sure are welcome on this TBS show.

Both captains, Ivan and Genevieve, are doused in colored gunk, Ivan is orange and Genevieve is blue. Genevieve wins rock-paper-scissors to get first pick by gunking another nerd. Why the Nickelodeon-style hijinks? I DON’T KNOW! Continue reading “King of the Nerds Review: Welcome to Nerdvana (S01E01)”

Comic Book Men S02E07 Review

Kevin Smith fandom, ladies and gents.

I’m digging this season’s half-hour shows. To capture the essence of CBM, you’d have to watch the interactions between the Stash staff and the customers. What makes CBM distinct is the guys’ nerdy/geeky/dorky banter. It’s interesting to see a conversation about George Lucas’ great shame, the Star Wars Holiday Special, in light Disney taking over the whole franchise. Heh. This episode may be one of the most entertaining yet. Continue reading “Comic Book Men S02E07 Review”