Total Divas: Eva Marie's Flaming Redhead Fuss


I saw the premiere of Total Divas where I learned a valuable lesson: women can get very catty. Total Divas features the lives of several WWE Divas, especially the Bellas, Funkadactyls, and Natalya, while kicking kayfabe to the curb displaying (mostly) their real names and relationships.

One narrative stands out: two “newbies'” quest for respect and fame in the WWE. Newcomers Jo Jo and Eva Marie have arrived. Not much is shown about Jo Jo, but Eva Marie makes a decision that could color her wrestling career. Continue reading “Total Divas: Eva Marie’s Flaming Redhead Fuss”

WWE '13 Weirdness: Darkness Falls Upon the Undertaker(?)


One night, I was bored enough to start an all-CPU, all-Undertakers Fatal 4-Way elimination match. Okay, one of the Takers is really Kane in disguise.

I took the opportunity to record the match. The original video is far too long and what you’re seeing already had one Undertaker eliminated. My sickly voice ponders adding music to the video, but it’s there in the final product below. Continue reading “WWE ’13 Weirdness: Darkness Falls Upon the Undertaker(?)”

Why John Cena Will RISE ABOVE Rock's Hate!


HUSTLE: Cena WILL NOT disappoint against the best-known superstar he has ever faced this time. Cena displays full dedication to being at the top off the WWE roster. Cena goes out of his way for the fans, especially the fans at the Make-a-Wish Foundation. His eye was on championship gold even when his best childhood prize was made of cardboard. Yes, Cena will seize that grand prize, the WWE Championship, from devious Dwayne. When we look back at wrestling history, John Cena is the man defining this grand current era of grappling. Continue reading “Why John Cena Will RISE ABOVE Rock’s Hate!”

The Rock WILL Beat John Cena at WrestleMania 29!


The Rock versus John Cena. FINALLY, the chance to show all the naysayers that he can, and will, do it again! The Rock will win this match and remain the WWE champion when it is all said and done. This “Once in a Lifetime” rematch has been boiling up since last year’s pathetic attempt to knock The Rock off his pedestal. But, as we all know, John Cena never gives up. Continue reading “The Rock WILL Beat John Cena at WrestleMania 29!”

Five Best American Pro Wrestling Tropes


I see others, including my buddy Howie at Under Scoop Fire & the owner at my local comic book shop, going crazy-go-nuts talking rasslin’. It took me some time to write something about that goofy psuedosport. I present five tropes, with as little research on TV Tropes as humanly possible, that are fundamental to American professional wrestling. They’re listed in no particular order.

Also, I don’t watch wrestling full-time anymore, but I’m sure someone will use the comments box to shout examples to disprove the list and attempt to shame from ever using the Internet again. Continue reading “Five Best American Pro Wrestling Tropes”

What the Next WWE Game Should Have


The THQ era of WWE-licensed games is at an end. The rumored successor is Take-Two (2K Games), and I’m looking forward to a new take on the WWE presentation. All gamers want problem-free gameplay so I’m not going to list every known glitch and bug. I also won’t complain about the commentary because sports* game commentary has been the weak link of the genre for years.

I’m an enthusiast about video games and not a game developer. I realize when compiling this that making suggestions is easier said than done. With that said, I hold the next WWE game makers to a high standard established by AKI way back in the N64 days. Continue reading “What the Next WWE Game Should Have”